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Night - Historical Fiction - Questions for Tests and Worksheets - Ninth Grade (Grade 9)

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Grade 9 Night
Moshe the Beadle escaped certain death by:
  1. hiding in a ditch near Galicia
  2. pretending to be dead
  3. hiding out behind a brick building
  4. telling a lie to the Gestapo
Grade 9 Night
Madame Schachter's hallucinations foreshadow...
  1. The crematories
  2. Elie's eventual release
  3. The enslavement of the Jewish people
Grade 9 Night
When the prisoners were liberated, their first act as free men was...
  1. Revenge on their captors
  2. Throwing themselves on the food and provisions
  3. Burning their barracks
Grade 9 Night
Elie learned that if he and his father had remained in Auschwitz hospital...
  1. they would've been shot with the other prisoners.
  2. they would've been liberated by the Russians.
  3. they would've starved to death.
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