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Ninth Grade (Grade 9) Outer Planets Questions

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Grade 9 Outer Planets
What is the name of the region where icy bodies that lie beyond Neptune's orbit?
  1. The Kuiper Belt
  2. The Oort Cloud
  3. The Outer Asteroid Belt
  4. All of the Above
Grade 9 Outer Planets
Io is part of
  1. Mars
  2. Venus
  3. Jupiter
  4. the moon
Grade 9 Outer Planets
Select the letter of the answer that correctly describes Jupiter's mass.
  1. 800 times as massive as the sun
  2. the same mass as the sun
  3. 2 and one half times greater than the mass of all of the other planets and moons combined
  4. the same mass as all of the other planets and moons combined
Grade 9 Outer Planets
Which gas gives the planets shown below their color?
Planet Neptune - SmallPlanet Uranus - Small
  1. nitrogen
  2. methane
  3. ammonia
  4. carbon dioxide
Grade 9 Outer Planets
Grade 9 Outer Planets
The rings of the planet pictured below are mainly
Planet Saturn - Small
  1. water ice
  2. helium gas
  3. liquid hydrogen
  4. frozen carbon dioxide
Grade 9 Outer Planets
Which Jovian planets have rings?
  1. Saturn only
  2. Saturn and Neptune
  3. Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus
  4. Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, and Jupiter
Grade 9 Outer Planets
Which statement correctly compares the atmospheres of the Jovian planets and the Earth?
  1. they consist mostly of helium and hydrogen like the Earth's earliest atmosphere
  2. they consist mostly of nitrogen and oxygen like the Earth's present day atmosphere
  3. unlike the Earth, the Jovian planets have no atmospheres
  4. the Jovian planets have atmospheres, but they are much thinner than the Earth's atmosphere
Grade 9 Outer Planets
Grade 9 Outer Planets
Grade 9 Outer Planets
What elements make up Neptune?
  1. Helium, Hydrogen
  2. Nitrogen
  3. Oxygen
  4. Sulfur
Grade 9 Outer Planets
What is the diameter of Neptune?
  1. 49,532 km
  2. 12,156 km
  3. 89,158 km
  4. 12,159 km
Grade 9 Outer Planets
Unlike the other planets, the axis of Uranus is
  1. upside down.
  2. horizontal.
  3. vertical.
  4. tilted at a 23° angle.
Grade 9 Outer Planets
The planets that are also known as gas giants
  1. Terrestrial planets
  2. Jovian planets
  3. Inferior planets
  4. Superior planets
Grade 9 Outer Planets
Which planet is noted for its Great Red Spot?
  1. Neptune
  2. Jupiter
  3. Saturn
  4. Uranus
Grade 9 Outer Planets
How often does Neptune orbit the sun?
  1. every 12 days
  2. every 78 days
  3. once a year
  4. once every 165 years
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