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Volleyball Questions - All Grades

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The Volleyball questions below are in the following grade levels:
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Grade 6 :: Volleyball by jeniferleigh

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Grade 10 :: Volleyball by galmd
What happens if the ball hits directly on the endline?
  1. It is out
  2. It is a re-do
  3. Rock, paper, scissors to see who gets the point
  4. It is in
Grade 7 :: Volleyball by c04001939
Grade 10 :: Volleyball by galmd
During a point, it is LEGAL to:
  1. Tip the ball over the net
  2. Touch the net
  3. Volley the ball from underneath with the palms of your hands
  4. Bump the ball with two contact points
Grade 7 :: Volleyball by MaryGuerriero
Grade 10 :: Volleyball by galmd
On defense the front row players should be:
  1. at the net to block
  2. behind the 10 foot line to hit
  3. down low ready to receive
  4. at the snack bar
Grade 10 :: Volleyball by galmd
When utilizing a three hit play on offense the first hit when the ball comes over the net should be:
  1. a spike to the back corners
  2. a dig over the net
  3. a pass to the setter
  4. a back set
Grade 6 :: Volleyball by Jpbrewer
Proper ready position includes:
  1. feet shoulder width apart
  2. standing on the balls of your feet
  3. knees bent
  4. all of the above
Grade 8 :: Volleyball by Pappag
Grade 8 :: Volleyball by Jpbrewer
Players on the volleyball court rotate when:
  1. Their team scores a point on their serve
  2. Their team scores a point on the opponent's serve
  3. Every time a point is scored
  4. Whenever they lose possession of the serve
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