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Volleyball Questions - All Grades

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Grade 10 :: Volleyball by galmd
What happens if the ball hits directly on the endline?
  1. It is out
  2. It is a re-do
  3. Rock, paper, scissors to see who gets the point
  4. It is in
Grade 12 :: Volleyball by galmd
When does your team rotate in a volleyball game?
  1. every time you lose a point
  2. every time you win a point
  3. after the other team serves and you win the point
  4. after your team serves and you lose the point
Grade 9 :: Volleyball by dsraugus
Which of the following is NOT considered a fault, resulting in a point for the other team?
  1. A player crosses the center line.
  2. Server steps on the endline
  3. A player touches the net.
  4. Ball hits the top of the net and goes over.
Grade 9 :: Volleyball by aznm139
If you are the server, what position are you in?
  1. Right back
  2. Center back
  3. Right front
  4. Center front
Grade 9 :: Volleyball by Rymer
During a rally in Volleyball, it is ILLEGAL to:
  1. Tip the ball over the net
  2. Touch the net
  3. Volley the ball
  4. Kick the ball
Grade 10 :: Volleyball by galmd
Grade 9 :: Volleyball by Brwilliams
Grade 6 :: Volleyball by jeniferleigh

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Grade 10 :: Volleyball by galmd
When is a player allowed to hit the ball twice in row?
  1. Never
  2. If the first hit is a block
  3. If the first hit is a set
  4. If the first hit is a bump
Grade 6 :: Volleyball by Jpbrewer
Proper ready position includes:
  1. feet shoulder width apart
  2. standing on the balls of your feet
  3. knees bent
  4. all of the above
Grade 12 :: Volleyball by galmd
Grade 7 :: Volleyball by c04001939
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