Top 17 Educational Blog Posts of 2017

Top 17 Educational Blog Posts for 2017
In 2017, Help Teaching continued to bring you a wealth of educational blog posts and resources, from guides to help to life skills for teens, and even fun pumpkin activities. We’ve rounded up your favorite posts from 2017. Check out the list to re-read some of your favorites and catch any posts you may have missed.

#1 10 Fun Mountain Facts for Geography Awareness Week

Once again, our post with fun facts for Geography Awareness Week made the list. This year, we featured fun mountain facts. For example, did you know that there is no universal definition of what constitutes a mountain? Read the post to find even more fun mountain facts.
100 Educational Pumpkin Activities

#2 100 Educational Pumpkin Activities

How many ways can you use a pumpkin? This list provides 100 different ways to use pumpkins into the classroom. It includes ideas such as creating a booklet about the pumpkin growing process and singing the song “Five Little Pumpkins.”

#3 10 Engaging Earth Day Activities

Earth Day is held on April 22, but it can be celebrated all year long. The activities in this post help kids learn more about the Earth and get involved in its care.

#4 The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Science

Keeping with the science theme, the Ultimate Guide to Teaching Science continued to be popular in 2017. This guide contains a wealth of websites, activities, and other resources designed to help science teachers improve their teaching. If you teach science, you need to bookmark this guide.
How to Incorporate Character Education in the Social Studies Classroom

#5 How to Incorporate Character Education in the Social Studies Classroom

Of course, social studies is an important subject too and it’s a great place to incorporate character education. This post shows you how to take events in history and turn them into character lessons to help kids become better people as they learn.

#6 Creative Ways to Teach About U.S. Presidents

The U.S. Presidency was a big focus in 2017. Along with talking about our current president, Donald Trump, many teachers wanted to find creative ways to teach about other U.S. Presidents. This posts contains unique ideas that range from presidential videos to presidential puppetry.

#7 3 Ways to Use Music in the Classroom

Speaking of creativity, music is very creative and you can bring creativity into other subjects areas through music. This post offers three very simple ways to bring music into nearly every subject to help make your teaching more engaging.
15 Ways to Emoji-fy Your Teaching

#8 15 Ways to Emoji-fy Your Teaching

Adding emojis to the classroom can also help make your teaching more engaging. Try an emoji Periodic Table, annotate texts with emojis, or create your own emoji rebus stories.

#9 9 Life Skills Every Teen Needs

Teens love to use emojis when they’re texting or posting on Instagram and Snapchat. However, the ability to use emojis with skill is only one of the skills every teen needs. This post highlights some of the most important, and often neglected, skills teens need before they graduate from high school.

#10 5 Reasons to Reconsider Vocational Education

Some teens desire to skip college and choose to focus on a trade, such as culinary arts or carpentry. Vocational education comes with a lot of benefits. This post breaks down those benefits and highlights some of the new vocational education resources available on HelpTeaching.
Help Teaching Scholarship Finalists

#11 Announcing the Scholarship Finalists

Along with new vocational education resources, also held its first annual scholarship competition. High school and college students from the U.S. and Canada entered original fiction and non-fiction pieces. The winner, Christine McLauchlan, was awarded a $1000 scholarship. The deadline for the 2018 scholarship is June 1, 2018.

#12 5 Gift Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week

Teachers deserve gifts too. Whether you’re looking for gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week, Christmas, or just because, the five gifts highlighted in the post will help make your favorite teacher’s day.

#13 Back-to-School Tips for Teachers

Every new school year comes with its own set of challenges. These tips help make the back-to-school process go more smoothly. They work well when returning to school after holiday break or starting a new semester too.
Top 100 Free Education Sites of 2016

#14 Top 100 Free Education Sites

The Top 100 Free Education Sites is a popular post every year. In 2017, we updated the post to contain even more free sites for students and teachers in nearly every subject area. Stay-tuned for 2018’s edition of the popular post.

#15 Guide to Free Online Self-Learning for Kids

Homeschool students, advanced students, and students in flipped classrooms can benefit from our Guide to Free Online Self-Learning for Kids. This list contains free online courses, websites, and other resources designed for kids.

#16 15 Educational Travel Activities for Kids

The internet is not the only place kids can learn. They can learn while traveling too. If you travel during the holidays or during spring break and summer vacation, incorporate some of these activities in your trip.
100 Summer Activities for Kids - Reading, Science Projects, Volunteering, Making Money, and more.

#17 100 Summer Activities for Kids

Learning doesn’t stop in the summer either. It may be too late to enjoy these activities in Summer 2017, but you can start building your kids’ bucket list for Summer 2018.

Of course, learning never stops at Keep visiting our site to find free printable worksheets and lessons to use with your students. You can also create your own free tests and administer tests using Test Room, our online testing platform.

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