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Created: Mar 27, 2015
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Treehouse Living

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Have you ever seen a treehouse? It’s usually a fort high up in a tree. Kids go up there to play and have fun. However, treehouses aren’t just for kids. Many adults have started building their own treehouses as their homes.

Can you imagine living in a treehouse? In some countries, people do not have a choice. For example, in the country New Guinea, some groups of people live in treehouses to protect their homes. When animals and flood waters come, their homes and belongings stay safe.

However, most people who live in treehouses are not like the people in New Guinea. They live in treehouses because they choose to live in treehouses.

Why would someone choose to live in a treehouse? Besides the fact that living in a treehouse is really cool, most people choose to live in treehouses for two reasons: they like nature and they want peace and quiet. Treehouses are often built in the woods. They are surrounded by nature. They also do not have many neighbors. Every time people come home, they feel like they are going on a special getaway.

Of course the treehouses people live in are much nicer than a typical kid’s treehouse. They are made with many of the same materials as normal houses. Some of them are only one room, but others are very elaborate. They may have multiple levels or multiple rooms. Some treehouses are even made up of many different treehouses connected by rope bridges.

Even though a treehouse is small, building a treehouse isn’t always cheap. It costs a lot of money to make the treehouse strong enough to live in. It can also be expensive to add electricity and water to the treehouse. Getting furniture into a treehouse can also be a problem. Sometimes it is built right in the house.

Treehouse living is not for everyone. You have to get used to living in a tree and living with fewer items. However, if you really enjoy nature and peace and quiet, treehouse living can be a lot of fun.
Grade 2 Summarizing CCSS: CCRA.R.1, RI.2.1
Grade 2 Main Idea CCSS: CCRA.R.2, RI.2.2
What is the main idea of the passage?
  1. Treehouses make good play areas for kids.
  2. Treehouses can make special and unique houses.
  3. Treehouses are really hard to build and maintain.
  4. Treehouses are too small for adults to live in.
Grade 2 Main Idea CCSS: CCRA.R.3, RI.2.3
Why do people like living in treehouses?
  1. Treehouses are really cool and make people talk.
  2. They like living high up off the ground.
  3. Treehouses are built in nature and very quiet.
  4. They are very cheap to build.
Grade 2 Context Clues CCSS: CCRA.R.4, RI.2.4
Grade 2 Author's Purpose CCSS: CCRA.R.8, RI.2.8
Why does the author mention treehouses in New Guinea?
  1. to describe treehouses built for kids
  2. to provide an example of people who live in treehouses
  3. to show that treehouses are only used for fun
  4. to explain that some people have to live in treehouses