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Business Questions - All Grades

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Business questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Continuing Education Accounting
For each account listed below indicate whether it ordinarily has a debit (D) or a credit (C) balance:

A. Advertising expense         Debit        
B. Accounts payable          Credit         
C. Retained earnings          Credit         
D. Prepaid insurance         Debit        
E. Accounts receivable         Debit        
F. Property & equipment         Debit        
G. Deferred income taxes          Credit         
H. Accumulated depreciation          Credit         
I. Accrued salaries          Credit         
J. Sales          Credit         
K. Common stock          Credit         
L. Investments         Debit        
M. Notes payable          Credit         
Continuing Education Accounting
The chart of accounts for Baker Company, a wholesale merchant, who uses the accrual basis of accounting is as follows:

A. Cash
B. Accounts receivable
C. Reserve for bad debt
D. Marketable securities
E. Inventory
F. Equipment
G. Accumulated depreciation
H. Prepaid expense
I. Accounts payable
J. Notes payable
K. Deferred income
L. Capital stock
M. Retained earnings
N. Sales
O. Cost of goods sold
P. Other income accounts
Q. Various general and administrative expense accounts
R. Income tax expense

For the monthly transactions listed below indicate (by letter) the account(s) that should be debited and credited:

1. Merchandise for resale is purchased on credit. Debit      E      Credit      I     
2. Payment is received for merchandise previously sold. Debit      A      Credit      B     
3. Marketable securities are sold at a gain. Debit      A      Credit       D,P      
4. The company sells capital stock for cash. Debit      A      Credit      L     
5. Payment is made for the merchandise purchased on credit. Debit      I     Credit      A     
6. Bills for telephone, office supplies and auto repairs are received but not paid
this month. Debit      Q      Credit      I     
7. Merchandise received from a supplier is found defective and returned for credit
before payment has been made. Debit      I      Credit      E     
8. A truck is purchased. The seller accepts a note in addition to a cash down payment.
Debit      F      Credit       A,J      
9. Monthly interest on the note is recorded. Debit      Q      Credit           I(or J)          
10. Merchandise for resale is purchased on credit. Debit      Q      Credit      G     
11. The office rent for the current month is paid. Debit      Q      Credit      A     
12. Merchandise is sold on credit. Debit      B      Credit      N     
13. An estimate of uncollectible accounts is recorded. Debit      Q      Credit      C     
14. An account is written off as uncollectible. Debit      C      Credit      B     
15. Inventory is adjusted to record merchandise sold. Debit      O      Credit      E     
16. Merchandise purchased in a prior month is returned by a customer for credit (show
all related entries). Debit           N&E           Credit           B&O          
17. Expired insurance for the month is recorded. Debit      Q      Credit      H     
18. While reconciling the bank statement it is discovered that the rent check for $500
was recorded in the Journal as $5,000 and a correcting entry is made. Debit      A      Credit      Q     
19. Salesmen's "commissions" were imporperly recorded as "salaries" and a correcting
entry is made. Debit      Q      Credit      Q     
20. Accrued income taxes are paid. Debit      I      Credit      A     
21. A tenant pays one year's rent in advance. Debit      A      Credit      K     
22. A dividend is declared and paid. Debit      M      Credit      A     
Continuing Education Accounting
Number in sequential order the following steps of a normal accounting cycle:

     5      A. Taking a trial balance
     6      B. Journalizing and posting adjusting and closing entries
     1      C. Collecting transaction data
     3      D. Journalizing transactions
     7      E. Preparing financial statements
     2      F. Analyzing transactions
     4      G. Posting the the ledger
Continuing Education Accounting
Match the following definitions with the proper financial statements:

A. The statement of assets, liabilities, and owners' equity
B. The statement of cash inflows and outflows
C. The statement of revenues and expenses
D. The statement of sources and uses of owners' equity

     C      1. Income Statement
     A      2. Balance Sheet
     B      3. Statement of Cash Flows
          B&C           4. Which of the two above statements report data for a period of
time as opposed to a specific date in time?
Continuing Education Accounting
Number the following items in the order of their usual appearance on an income statement:

     2      1. Cost of goods sold
     5      2. Income tax expense
     7      3. Net income
     6      4. Extraordinary gains and losses (net of tax)
     3      5. Other income
     1      6. Sales
     4      7. General and administrative expense
Continuing Education Business Technology
Which of the following would you use when searching for information in a search engine?
  1. Protocols
  2. Notes
  3. Facebook
  4. Keywords
Continuing Education Accounting
Which of the following journals should be used to record the transactions listed below:

CR = Cash Receipts Journal
CD = Cash Disbursements Journal
G = General Journal
S = Sales Journal
P = Purchases Journal

1. Borrowed cash from a bank.        CR/G       
2. Sold merchandise for cash.        CR/S       
3. Recorded depreciation expense for the year.      G     
4. Paid rent expense.      CD     
5. Paid an account payable.      CD     
6. Accrued payroll taxes.      G     
7. Amortized prepaid insurance.      G     
8. Returned merchandise to a supplier for credit.       P/G      
9. Sold merchandise for credit.      S     
10. Sold common stock for cash.      CR     
11. Write off an account receivable to bad debt expense.      G     
12. Collected an account receivable.      CR     
Grade 9 Business Technology
Stacy needs to send a formal letter to her bank. Which software application would she use?
  1. PowerPoint
  2. Excel
  3. Access
  4. Word
Continuing Education Accounting
Which of the following statements is true?
  1. to decrease a receivable, debit the account
  2. to decrease revenue, debit the account
  3. to increase owner's equity, debit the account
  4. to increase an expense account, credit the account
Continuing Education Accounting
Number the following items in the order of their usual appearance on a balance sheet:

     8      1. Retained earnings
     1      2. Cash
     3      3. Inventory
     7      4. Contributed capital
     4      5. Fixed assets
     6      6. Long-term liabilities
     5      7. Accounts payable
     2      8. Accounts receivable
Continuing Education Accounting
What is the accounting equation most stated as?
  1. Owners equity = Liabilities + Assets
  2. Assets = Liabilities + Owners Equity
  3. Liabilities = Assets + Owners equity
  4. All of the above
Continuing Education Business Technology
URL is an abbreviation for which of the following?
  1. Undefined Reference Library
  2. Uniform Reframed Lobby
  3. Uniform Resource Locator
  4. Uneducated Resource Locator
Grade 9 Business Technology
A keyboard and a mouse are examples of input devices.
  1. True
  2. False
Continuing Education Business Technology
The basic operations performed by a computer are?
  1. Arithmetic Operations
  2. Logical Operations
  3. Storage
  4. All of the above
Grade 9 Business Technology
Before printing a document, you should:
  1. spell check.
  2. proofread.
  3. grammar check.
  4. All of the above
Continuing Education Business Technology
Identify the highlighted part of the URL in the image below.
  1. protocol
  2. location
  3. name
  4. extension
Grade 9 Business Technology
Software refers to the physical parts of a computer.
  1. True
  2. False
Grade 12 Business
Auto insurance is needed primarily:
  1. to finance automobile maintenance.
  2. to counter the effects of increasing fuel prices.
  3. as protection against the cost of significant loss.
  4. to satisfy federal requirements for a lawful citizenship.
Continuing Education Accounting
Variable costs change in direct proportion with a change in the volume of activity, while fixed costs remain unchanged within the relevant range of activity.
  1. True
  2. False
Grade 10 Accounting
What is the name for a formal report that shows what an individual owns, what an individual owes, and the difference between the two?
  1. accounting
  2. net worth statement
  3. personal net worth
  4. accounting system
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