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Marketing Questions - All Grades

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Grade 12 Marketing
Dividing a market based on the status of different occupations and level of pay is an example of what segmentation?
  1. Social Class
  2. Gender
  3. Income
  4. Education
Grade 12 Marketing
A magazine about farming would most likely segment the market by:
  1. income
  2. social class
  3. occupation
  4. age
College Marketing
Ensuring an enduring link between a brand and its customers is:
  1. relationship building
  2. retail bond
  3. customer loyalty
  4. brand loyalty
  5. brand placement
College Marketing
Which is not a component of Marcom?:
  1. sales promotions
  2. public relations
  3. campaigning
  4. advertising
  5. event marketing
Grade 12 Marketing
Why might the measurement of market share be important? (check all that apply)
  1. to determine consumer tastes
  2. to indicate a market leader
  3. to allow the marketing department to target new customers
  4. to indicate the success or failure of a business strategy
College Marketing
Thoughts being conveyed and meaning being shared is the definition of:
  1. Marketing Mix
  2. Communication
  3. Marketing
  4. Marketing strategy
  5. Innovation creation
Grade 12 Marketing
                  Market research                   This provides a wide variety of information about the people who may be interested in buying a business's products.
Grade 12 Marketing
        Value         This is one way to estimate the size of a market and it is the total amount spent by customers buying products.
None Marketing
The lack of planning will result in                    
  1. a difficult start
  2. need more help
  3. failure
  4. quick success
  5. none of these above
Grade 12 Marketing
Radio stations geared towards African-Caribbean groups is an example of what type of segmentation:          Ethnic         
College Marketing
In order to create a positive telephone voice, it is important that you                     .
  1. read a script
  2. smile
  3. learn new phrases
  4. stand while speaking
Grade 12 Marketing
The marketing of financial products for older people is an example of segmentation by       age      
Grade 12 Marketing
              positioning               This refers to how customers think about products in a market and is important for important for a marketing department to understand in order to target customers
Grade 12 Marketing
Breaking down a market into sub-groups with similar characteristics is known as                       Market Segmentation                      
College Marketing
Collection of advetising, etc. and sharing the "brand's" meaning with the target audience defines:
  1. Communication advertising
  2. Market placement
  3. Promotion management
  4. Marketing communications
  5. Marketing strategy
Grade 12 Marketing
         Volume          This is one way to measure the size of a market and this is the physical quantity of products which are produced and sold.
None Marketing
The market represents the                                       
  1. the place where you buy goods
  2. the people that buy goods
  3. open place food exchange to take place
  4. money
  5. none of these above
College Marketing
Affecting behavior means to:
  1. Establish a higher market share
  2. Ensure a brand is recognizable
  3. Have a favorable attitude towards a brand
  4. Encourage a customer to buy a brand
  5. Buy one brand over another
Grade 9 Marketing
Marketing is for                            
  1. the consumer
  2. the seller
  3. everybody
  4. the consumer and the seller
  5. neither
Grade 12 Marketing
Products aimed at those interested in "extreme" sports is an example of this type of market segmentation:                           personality / lifestyle                          
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