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Ninth Grade (Grade 9) Canada Questions

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Grade 9 Canada
What was the first permanent European settlement in the United States?
  1. St Augustine
  2. Jamestown
  3. San Salvador
  4. Hispaniola
Grade 9 Canada
Grade 9 Canada
Canadians wanted which of these on their road to independence?
  1. Belief in Roman Catholic politics
  2. Fur trade
  3. More control over their government and all provinces to unite
  4. more territory
Grade 9 Canada
Four Canadians are speaking on the topic of environmental issues:
Speaker #1: "We have been entrusted this land by the Creator and we have the responsibility to protect it and all those creatures that live on it. Additionally, our rights to this land and its resources are guaranteed to us in the Constitution and we will never allow this land to be destroyed in order to make a dollar."
Speaker #2: "I get upset when I hear people wanting to solve environmental issues at the expense of industry. Don't they realize that the natural resource industry is a major part of the Canadian economy? Do they have any idea how many Canadian families rely on jobs based on natural resource extraction? I work in the oil and gas industry and without my job we wouldn't just lose out on the luxuries, like a trip to the mall or an afternoon at the movies; in reality we would lose our house, car and the ability to put food on the table."
Speaker #3: "I like to do my part to help out the environment, but sometimes the sacrifices to be 'green' are just too great: I can't afford to only buy locally grown organic foods and you won't catch me standing at the bus stop when it is -20C and I could be nice and warm in my car!"
Speaker #4: "We can't just step in and regulate the industry. A lot of pressure is put on us from both sides of the issue, but we have to remember that running a country is like running a business; bluntly put; you need money. Without the taxes received from industry and fuel taxes we cannot function and provide the sort of programs and services which aid all of society."
Speaker #3 from above is demonstrating that environmental issues are impacted by which of the following?
  1. consumer behaviour
  2. political and economic platforms
  3. cultural issues
  4. citizen indifference
Grade 9 Canada
The government in Canada might be hesitant or unwilling to take a firm stance on environmental issues and require consumers and industry to adopt environmentally friendly production methods, business practices and consumption because:
  1. as a market economy, the Canadian government has no authority to intervene in the economy.
  2. the big environmental issues facing the global society are a result of activities in other countries, so making Canada 'greener' really isn't going to solve the environmental issues facing the planet.
  3. Canada operates as a mixed economy and values individualism and does not want the government intervening in the economy or making decision affecting the well-being of individuals.
  4. changing production or consumption practices impacts the economy, which affects both the government tax base and consumer quality of life.
Grade 9 Canada
In a mixed or market economy the government can intervene to deal with environmental issues by doing any of the following with the exception of:
  1. attempting to alter consumer behavior through the use of taxes on non-renewable or environmentally harmful items (ie. Carbon tax)
  2. taking ownership of all resources and choosing how to use them in environmentally sensitive ways.
  3. funding initiatives to produce alternative or renewable energy sources.
  4. enacting legislation which sets emission standards for industry.
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