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Graduate Chemistry Questions

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Graduate Chemistry questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Graduate Macromolecules
Which would have the highest concentration of C-H bonds?
  1. Saturated fat
  2. Unsaturated fat
  3. Trans fat
  4. Cholesterol
Graduate Atomic Structure
Graduate Macromolecules
Graduate Biochemical Pathways
NADH is anaerobically produced in what pathway(s)?
  1. Glycolysis
  2. Oxidative Phosphorylation
  3. Gluconeogenesis
  4. Two of the Above
  5. All of the Above
Graduate Biochemistry
Graduate Kinetics and Equilibrium
Predict what would happen as the entropy of a system approached 100%.
  1. All motion would stop.
  2. Randomness would become maximized.
  3. Order would become maximized.
  4. Heat would decrease.
Graduate Biochemical Pathways
Graduate Molecules and Compounds
What is a compound?
  1. a variable mixture
  2. 2 or more elements chemically combined.
  3. a mix of cells
  4. a combination of all the cells in an animal
Graduate Biochemical Pathways
Which polysaccharide consists of individual long, twisted, unbranched chains of glucose?
  1. Starch
  2. Cellulose
  3. Glycogen
  4. This does not describe a polysaccharide.
Graduate Biochemical Pathways
All living things require substantial quantities of carbon. Where do plants get the carbon they need to survive?
  1. From decaying organic matter
  2. From the air
  3. From the soil (but not water)
  4. From the water in the soil
Graduate Solvents, Solutes, and Solubility
Why is one side of a water molecule partially negative while the other side is partially positive?
  1. Uneven sharing of electron pairs occurs due to the strong pull of hydrogen.
  2. Uneven sharing of electron pairs occurs due to the strong pull of oxygen.
  3. Oxygen donates its electrons to hydrogen
  4. Hydrogen donates its electrons to oxygen.
Graduate Biochemical Pathways
In a recent newspaper article promoting the eating of seaweed and seaweed products, the argument was made that doing so was a more efficient use of energy than eating animals. Why would eating seaweed be more energy efficient than eating an animal?
  1. The energy found in animal matter represents a fraction of the energy found in the plant matter eaten by the animal. It would be better to just eat the plant and skip a step.
  2. The conversion of plant matter to animal matter produces less waste than converting animal material to animal material.
  3. Plant matter contains more energy per unit volume than does animal matter.
  4. Plant matter contains more energy per unit weight than does animal matter.
Graduate Biochemical Pathways
Identify the principal role of cellular respiration.
  1. To convert solar energy into the chemical energy of sugars
  2. To convert kinetic energy into the chemical energy of sugars
  3. To convert the chemical energy of sugars into the chemical energy that fuels life's processes
  4. To convert the chemical energy of sugars into heat to maintain an elevated body temperature
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