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Second Grade (Grade 2) Children's Literature Questions

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Grade 2 Children's Literature questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Grade 2 Charlotte's Web
What did Wilbur want to take back to the farm with him?
  1. his crate
  2. his medal
  3. Charlotte's web
  4. Charlotte's eggs
Grade 2 Charlotte's Web
What message appeared on Charlotte's Web?
  1. Hi!
  2. Some pig!
  3. Salutations!
  4. Wilbur rocks!
Grade 2 Charlotte's Web
Why did Templeton decide to go to the fair?
  1. to run errands for Charlotte
  2. to show kindness to Wilbur
  3. because he always wanted to go to the fair
  4. because he heard there was lots of food to eat
Grade 2 Charlotte's Web
Which word best describes Templeton?
  1. kind
  2. lazy
  3. selfish
  4. helpful
Grade 2 Charlotte's Web
Why did the sheep say it was important for Templeton to help Wilbur?
  1. because animals help each other
  2. because Wilbur was a really nice pig
  3. because he owed the animals a favor
  4. because Wilbur supplied him with food
Grade 2 Charlotte's Web
What name did Fern give to her new pet?
  1. Avery
  2. Fern
  3. Wilbur
  4. Homer
Grade 2 Charlotte's Web
Why did Dr. Dorian think a spider's web was a miracle?
  1. It was too heavy to stay up.
  2. He didn't know how to spin a web himself.
  3. It was stronger than any man-made structure.
  4. A young spider could spin a web without being taught.
Grade 2 Charlotte's Web
Where in the house did Wilbur live at first?
  1. Fern's bedroom
  2. the kitchen
  3. the garage
  4. the barn
Grade 2 Because of Winn-Dixie
What was Winn-Dixie's pathological fear?
  1. Rain
  2. Wind
  3. Thunderstorms
Grade 2 Charlotte's Web
What did Wilbur ask Charlotte to teach him?
  1. how to catch flies
  2. how to spin a web
  3. how to escape from his pen
  4. how to get Mr. Zuckerman to keep him
Grade 2 Charlotte's Web
Why did Fern yell at her mother?
  1. She was hungry.
  2. She wanted to go to school.
  3. She was tired.
  4. She was upset that her dad was going to kill an animal.
Grade 2 Charlotte's Web
Why didn't Charlotte use sticky thread to write the message?
  1. She ran out.
  2. She didn't like it.
  3. Bugs would get stuck in it.
  4. It wouldn't show up as clearly.
Grade 2 Charlotte's Web
What did Avery try to do to Charlotte?
  1. capture her
  2. destroy her web
  3. blow her web away
  4. spray her with bug spray
Grade 2 Charlotte's Web
What was going to happen Charlotte?
  1. She was going to die.
  2. She was going to get bigger.
  3. She was going to lay another sac of eggs.
  4. She was going to spin one more beautiful web.
Grade 2 Charlotte's Web
Mrs. Arable thought Fern was
  1. too tired.
  2. making things up.
  3. getting into trouble.
  4. forgetting something important.
Grade 2 Charlotte's Web
What did Wilbur ask Charlotte to do?
  1. go to the fair with him
  2. ask Fern to come visit
  3. stop writing messages
  4. call a meeting of the animals
Grade 2 Charlotte's Web
Why did the sheep tell Wilbur to struggle getting into the crate?
  1. because it would save him
  2. because it would show he was normal
  3. because it would cause Mr. Zuckerman to be impressed
  4. because it would take attention away from the stowaways
Grade 2 Charlotte's Web
Charlotte said she was versatile. What does versatile mean?
  1. full of eggs
  2. good at one thing
  3. able to do many things
  4. unable to travel long distances
Grade 2 Charlotte's Web
What did Wilbur compare the sac next to Charlotte to?
  1. an egg
  2. balls of yarn
  3. cotton candy
  4. a fuzzy sweater
Grade 2 Charlotte's Web
How did Lurvy react to the message?
  1. He thought it looked really cool.
  2. He thought he was seeing things.
  3. He thought it was a magnificent web.
  4. He thought Fern was playing a trick on him.
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