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Second Grade (Grade 2) Reading Strategies Questions

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Grade 2 Reading Strategies questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Grade 2 Identifying Genre
Read the title and the description. Then figure out the genre of the fiction.

Little House on the Prairie
About the life of pioneer life in the early days of America
  1. Mystery
  2. Fantasy
  3. Science fiction
  4. Historical fiction
Grade 2 Making Inferences and Drawing Conclusions
Read the passage about King Arthur.

King Arthur showed a few wrinkles on his face. His golden hair was partly grey. He was no longer a fierce warrior, but he seemed more like a wise king. A beautiful gold crown decked with jewels sat on his head. The king kept silent and listened to the squire attentively. As some of the knights continued to laugh at the squire’s story, the king silenced them and commanded the squire to continue.

Choose the best description of King Arthur.
  1. The king is young and well loved.
  2. The king is old, wise and allows everyone to be heard.
  3. Many people respond and look up to the king.
  4. The king is quiet and allows everyone a chance to speak.
Grade 2 Fact and Opinion
Is it a fact or an opinion?

The Sun's heat energy helps make wind.
  1. fact
  2. opinion
Grade 2 Fact and Opinion
Is it a fact or an opinion?

Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun.
  1. fact
  2. opinion
Grade 2 Main Idea
The main idea is the meaning of a passage. Many times it is a sentence in the passage.

The Earth goes around the sun. In winter, our part of the Earth is farther away from the sun. It is very cold and it stays darker longer. In the summer, our part of the Earth is closer to the sun. Then it is very warm.

What is the main idea of this story?
  1. The earth moves around the sun.
  2. It is cold in the winter.
  3. It is darker in the winter.
  4. It is warm in the summer.
Grade 2 Making Inferences and Drawing Conclusions
Katie and Josephine were waiting on the sidewalk. They looked up at the sky. Katie put on her raincoat. Josephine pulled up her hood. The bus came. They got in fast.

What were the girls doing?
  1. playing football
  2. waiting for the bus
  3. waiting for the train
  4. standing in the rain
Grade 2 Main Idea
Hiking is a great way for you to have fun. All you need is a good pair of shoes. You can hike in many places, such as the woods or a valley. You can walk for a long or short time. Hiking is even better if you go with your friends.

What is the main idea of this story?
  1. You need good hiking shoes.
  2. You will have a good time hiking.
  3. Hikes can be long or short.
  4. You can hike in the woods.
Grade 2 Making Inferences and Drawing Conclusions
Dawn had a part in the school play. She had to wear a costume. First, she put on a gray suit with a long tail. Then, she painted a pink circle on her nose. A pair of big gray ears finished the costume. It was time for her part. She walked onto the stage. A boy dressed like a cat crawled toward her. She grabbed a piece of cheese and ran. She was faster than the cat. Everyone laughed and laughed.

Why did Dawn wear a costume?
  1. She was going to a party.
  2. She was playing with friends.
  3. She was in a school play.
  4. She liked to dress up.
Grade 2 Supporting Details CCSS: CCRA.R.2, RI.2.2
Read the sentences. Choose the sentence that fits with the topic.

There are plays in the summer. People bring their chairs and watch.
  1. People buy the artists' work.
  2. The plays are at night.
Grade 2 Main Idea
Bats are different from many other animals. They are the only mammal that can fly. Some bats live in trees. Most bats live in caves or in attics. They only come out at night. When they are resting they hang upside down. Bats are very interesting animals.

What is this mostly about?
  1. Most bats lives in caves or attics.
  2. Bats can fly.
  3. Bats only come out at night.
  4. Bats are interesting animals.
Grade 2 Alliteration CCSS: CCRA.R.4, RL.2.4
"Peter Piper picked a pack of pickled peppers" is an example of...
  1. personification
  2. simile
  3. rhyme
  4. alliteration
Grade 2 Main Idea CCSS: CCRA.R.2, RI.2.2
At the store we use coupons to save money. Coupons may come in the mail. Sometimes they are in the newspaper. You can get them in the store's ad, too. Usually you need to cut the coupon out.

What is the main idea of the passage?
  1. Coupons save money.
  2. Coupons can be found in different places.
  3. You must cut coupons out of the ad.
  4. You may find a coupon at the store.
Grade 2 Making Inferences and Drawing Conclusions CCSS: CCRA.R.1, RL.2.1
Jill is rocking back and forth. The waves are very big. She gets splashed in the face! Where is Jill located?
  1. She is on the playground.
  2. She is on an amusement park ride.
  3. She is on a boat.
  4. She is learning at school.
Grade 2 Cause and Effect
Knowing what happened (the effect) and what made it happen (the cause) helps you to understand what you read.

Jill could not run very fast. She could never win a race. She wanted to do better. So, every day after school she practiced running. After a while she ran faster and faster. When Jill ran in the next race, she won and was very happy!

Why couldn't Jill win a race at first?
  1. She was not happy.
  2. Jill ran in too many races.
  3. She was not a fast runner.
  4. Jill wanted to run fast.
Grade 2 Sequence of Events
American - Martin Luther King Jr

Write the correct year next to each event.

Choose from the following years: 1929, 1953, 1964, 1968.

Note: Some years are used more than once.

       1963        Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his "I Have a Dream Speech.

       1929        Martin Luther King, Jr. was born.

       1968        Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated.

       1964        Martin Luther King, Jr. was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

       1953        Martin Luther King, Jr. married his wife, Coretta Scott.

       1963        Martin Luther King, Jr. participated in the March on Washington.

       1964        Martin Luther King, Jr. is named "Man of the Year" by Time.

       1968        Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his "I've Been to the Mountaintop" speech.
Grade 2 Alliteration CCSS: CCRA.R.4, RL.2.4
Which of the following is an example of alliteration?
  1. The slimy snake slithered slowly sideways
  2. The snake was very slow and fat
  3. The frog jumped forward and landed upside-down
  4. The big bear had soft fur that was long and shaggy
Grade 2 Main Idea
Susan got a basket for a present. She uses it to carry many things. She puts food in the basket. She keeps toys in the basket. She even puts her kitten in the basket.

What is the main idea?
  1. We need baskets.
  2. Baskets should be big.
  3. Susan uses her basket a lot.
  4. Susan doesn't like to use the basket.
Grade 2 Main Idea
Frank likes to go swimming. He swims every day that he can. He likes to swim in Blue Lake. Many of Frank's friends go swimming there too. Frank is a good swimmer.

What is the main idea?
  1. Frank likes to swim often.
  2. Frank does not swim alone.
  3. Frank is the best swimmer in town.
  4. Frank swims every Saturday.
Grade 2 Main Idea
Eskimos hunt animals. They use animals for food. They also use animal skins to make clothes. Eskimos only hunt animals they need. They do not hunt for fun.

What is the main idea?
  1. Eskimos eat fish.
  2. Eskimos hunt for food and clothes.
  3. Eskimos never hunt.
  4. Eskimos hunt for fun.
Grade 2 Main Idea
Lisa went to a farm. There were animals on the farm. She liked the chickens and horses. She also liked the cows and kittens. Lisa would like to live on a farm.

What is the main idea?
  1. Lisa worked on a farm.
  2. Lisa lives in the city.
  3. Lisa liked the farm.
  4. Lisa visited her grandfather's farm.
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