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First Grade (Grade 1) Reading Strategies Questions

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Grade 1 Reading Strategies questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Grade 1 Making Inferences and Drawing Conclusions
I am sharp. My job is to cut hair. I can also cut flowers or paper.

What am I?
  1. scissors
  2. pencil
  3. comb
Grade 1 Story Elements
Read the story.
The three little cubs lived in the woods. They wanted to build a hut to live in.
It was made of mud. They had fun building their hut.
What is the setting of the story?
  1. city
  2. lake
  3. woods
Grade 1 Point of View CCSS: CCRA.R.6, RL.1.6
The girls were talking about going out to eat this weekend. Hannah wanted to go eat Chinese, but Yasmin wanted pizza. Elizabeth, who was always difficult, definitely wanted a cheeseburger. So Jackie suggested that they go to several places and have a buffet at home. Sujey thought this was an excellent idea.

This passage is written using which point of view?
  1. first person
  2. second person
  3. third person
Grade 1 Point of View CCSS: CCRA.R.6, RL.1.6
Read this passage from "Helen Keller": As I lay in my bed that night, I wept as I hope few children have wept. I felt so cold, I imagined I should die before morning and the thought comforted me."
Question: What point of view is the author using?
  1. Second person
  2. First person
  3. Third person
Grade 1 Making Inferences and Drawing Conclusions
Mike put on shorts, a tank top, and sunglasses to go out to play.

What season is it?
  1. winter
  2. summer
  3. fall
  4. spring
Grade 1 Making Inferences and Drawing Conclusions
Mom frowned when she saw the cat on the table.

How did mom feel when she saw the cat?
  1. She was unhappy
  2. She was afraid
  3. She was sleepy
Grade 1 Main Idea CCSS: CCRA.R.2, RI.1.2
Where we live, the weather is always changing. In the fall, the weather can be cool and crisp. In the winter, it is cold and biting. In spring, the weather starts to get warmer and it is very wet. In the summer, the weather is hot and humid.

What is the main topic of this paragraph?
  1. the cold weather
  2. the changing weather
  3. the summer weather
  4. the area we live in
Grade 1 Main Idea CCSS: CCRA.R.2, RI.1.2
I love the beach. It is such a sunny place. The sand is warm. The water is cool and salty. There is so much to do at the beach. I can collect sea shells. I can build sand castles. I also like to jump in the waves.

What is the main idea of this passage?
  1. The things you can do at the beach
  2. The author loves the beach
  3. The beach in the summer
  4. The beaches in Florida
Grade 1 Text Elements
The title of the book and the names of the authors and illustrators are found on this page. It protects the pages of the book.
  1. Cover page
  2. Index
  3. Table of contents
Grade 1 Main Idea CCSS: CCRA.R.2, RI.1.2
China is a very large country. It is home to over 1 billion people. It is also one of the oldest countries in the world. Many items were invented in China. They include toilet paper, the water wheel, and kites.

What is the main idea of this passage?
  1. Inventions
  2. China
  3. Big countries
  4. Old countries
Grade 1 Cause and Effect CCSS: CCRA.R.3, RL.1.3
Read the sentences.
Chris woke up to the sounds of thunder. He knew the class picnic would be canceled.

Which shows the effect?
  1. It was thundering.
  2. Chris couldn't sleep.
  3. The picnic would be canceled.
Grade 1 Supporting Details
Ram is a dog. He is black. He can run fast.

What is Ram?
  1. dog
  2. cat
  3. sheep
  4. yak
Grade 1 Making Inferences and Drawing Conclusions CCSS: CCRA.R.4, RI.1.4
Animal Journeys

Arctic terns fly over 40,000 kilometers each year. They travel from the Arctic to the Antarctic. Then they go back again.

Salmon live in the ocean, but they lay their eggs in rivers. They travel up to 900 miles to get to rivers to lay their eggs.

Humpback whales make long journeys every year. In the summer, they head north. The water in the Arctic is icy cold. In the winter, they head south to tropical waters.

Based on the passage, you can tell that a TERN is:
  1. a fish
  2. a whale
  3. a bird
  4. a mammal
Grade 1 Supporting Details
Pat has a cat. The cat is fat. The fat cat sat on the mat.

What did the cat sit on?
  1. fat
  2. rug
  3. mat
  4. cat
Grade 1 Point of View CCSS: CCRA.R.6, RL.1.6
Sally's mom said she could get a dog for her birthday. They went to the dog pound to choose her new puppy. She had a hard time picking her puppy because they were all so cute. Finally she chose one that looked like it needed her.

What point of view is this story written from?
  1. First Person
  2. Second Person
  3. Third Person
  4. None of the above
Grade 1 Identifying Genre CCSS: CCRA.L.4, L.1.4c
Where would you look to find the meaning of a word?
  1. dictionary
  2. encyclopedia
  3. almanac
  4. thesaurus
Grade 1 Main Idea CCSS: CCRA.R.2, RI.1.2
Australia is a country. It is also a continent and an island. A lot of the country is desert, but it is not really hot. The country is surrounded by water, so it has a lot of beaches. It is called "the land down under." That is because it is on the southern part of the globe. Much of the country is covered with plants. It is also home to many animals you will not find anywhere else in the world.

What is this passage mainly about?
  1. Islands
  2. Australia
  3. Desert
  4. Beaches
Grade 1 Point of View CCSS: CCRA.R.7, RL.1.7
There was once a wolf, and he got very hungry, and so he went to have a look to see what he could find for dinner. After a bit he saw a ram feeding in a meadow, so he went up to him and said: “Mr. Ram, Mr. Ram, I'm going to eat you!” But the ram answered: “Who are you, I should like to know, that you mean to eat me?”

“I'm a wolf, and I'm looking for a good dinner,” said the wolf. “What sort of a wolf do you fancy you are?” answered the ram, “you're not, you're a dog!” “No, I'm not a dog,” said he, “I'm a wolf.” “Well then,” answered the ram, “if you're a wolf, stand at the bottom of the hill and open your jaws wide. Then I'll run down the hill and jump straight into your mouth.” “All right,” said the wolf.

So he stood at the bottom of the hill and opened his mouth wide, while the ram climbed to the top of the hill. Then he ran down the hill very fast, and hit the wolf with his horns as hard as he could.

The wolf rolled over, knocked senseless with the blow, while the ram ran off home. And there lay the wolf, till at last he came to himself again, with all his bones aching.

“Well, what a fool I must have been!” thought he. “Who ever saw a ram jump into one's mouth of his own free will?”

Based on the picture below, how does the wolf feel?
  1. happy
  2. hungry
  3. disappointed
  4. angry
Grade 1 Point of View CCSS: CCRA.R.6, RL.1.6
Baa, baa, black sheep,
Have you any wool?
Yes, marry, have I,
Three bags full;
One for my master,
And one for my dame,
And one for the little boy
Who lives in the lane.

Who is speaking when the passage says "One for my master"?
  1. The narrator
  2. The dame
  3. The little boy
  4. The black sheep
Grade 1 Compare and Contrast CCSS: CCRA.R.9, RI.1.9
Passage #1
In Ancient Egypt, the people had many gods. One god was Ra. He was the sun god. He was born each morning. When he was born, the sun rose.

Passage #2
In Ancient Egypt, the people believed in a god named Osiris. He was the god of the dead. The people believed that when they died, they went to the underworld. There they met Osiris and his wife, Isis.

What is one difference between Passage #1 and Passage #2?
  1. One talks about a real god and the other talks about a fake god.
  2. One talks about a married god and the other talks about a single god.
  3. One talks about the god of life and the other the god of death.
  4. One talks about Ancient Egypt and the other talks about Ancient Greece.
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