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Conducting Research Questions - All Grades

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Conducting Research questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Grade 12 Conducting Research CCSS: CCRA.W.7, W.11-12.7
A primary source could be:
  1. a biography
  2. an autobiography
  3. an encyclopedia
  4. an atlas
Grade 8 Conducting Research
Johnathan is doing research for a health and wellness project. He notices that it is difficult to find some credible sources on his topic. He finally comes across the perfect source, but it has not been updated since 1999. Should he still use it?
  1. Yes, because there are not many sources out there.
  2. Yes, because teachers do not check students sources anyway.
  3. No, because the year 1999 was not a credible year for research.
  4. No, because the source is not current and could contain outdated information.
Grade 8 Conducting Research
Ana and Cynthia are collecting research about Making Waves for its 10th anniversary. They want to find out how the school has changed overtime. Who would be the most credible source?
  1. Ms. E. because she is a cool teacher and would be fun to talk to.
  2. Ms. Maraj because history teachers know how to collect evidence.
  3. Ms. Rodriguez because she has been working here the longest.
  4. Ms. Scott because she is a science teacher and science teachers know how to research.
College Conducting Research
What is the difference in format between long quotes and short quotes in essays?
  1. Long quotes are set up without quotation marks, but with the text distinguished from the rest of the essay by an indentation for every line of the quote.
  2. Long quotes are not appropriate to use in an academic paper because using more than 3 lines of someone else’s work can be viewed as plagiarism.
  3. Short quotes should use quotation marks (“ “), while long quotes should be italicized.
  4. None. Short and long quotes are formatted identically in essays.
Grade 8 Conducting Research
Which of the following sources is most likely to contain logos?
  1. A survey on how many kids like fidget spinners
  2. An article that shows the correlation of fidget spinners and student success
  3. A firsthand account from a teacher that explains how fidget spinners are distractions
  4. A firsthand account from a student with ADHD that explains how fidget spinners help him
Grade 6 Conducting Research
You want a copy of a song from your favorite band's new CD. Which of these allow you to legally copy the song from the internet?
  1. You find it on a website that says click here to download.
  2. Your friend copies it from the internet and gives it to you.
  3. You find it on the internet at a Facebook page and copy it.
  4. The artist gives permission to copy the song on his/her website.
Grade 8 Conducting Research
Grade 5 Conducting Research CCSS: CCRA.R.7, RI.5.7
If you were recording your family's oral history, who would be the best people to talk to?
  1. yourself
  2. only the children
  3. the oldest people in the family
  4. the youngest people in the family
Grade 10 Conducting Research
Grade 11 Conducting Research
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