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Grade 9

Ninth Grade (Grade 9) Human Resources Questions

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Grade 9 Human Resources
Most formal meetings follow a list of topics called a(n)
  1. gavel
  2. quorum
  3. agenda
  4. motion
Grade 9 Human Resources
A team keeps the company's overall goal, or          mission          , in mind as they set group goals.
Grade 9 Human Resources
One benefit of teamwork for workers is
  1. less responsibility
  2. higher pay
  3. greater job satisfaction
  4. less training is needed
Grade 9 Human Resources
Turning over responsibility for decision making and task completion is called              delegating             .
Grade 9 Human Resources
Team members should remember to match tasks to individual abilities when
  1. setting goals
  2. assigning roles
  3. communicationg
  4. assessing progress
Grade 9 Human Resources
Often the greatest obstacle to team success is                     poor communication                     .
Grade 9 Human Resources
Successful supervisors provide
  1. minimal directions
  2. sufficient training
  3. free lunches
  4. advice on personal problems
Grade 9 Human Resources
Leaders who closely supervise others but also explain decisions and ask for suggestions are
  1. directing
  2. coaching
  3. supporting
  4. delegating
Grade 9 Human Resources
The leadership style of giving specific instructions and closely supervising tasks is called
  1. delegating
  2. coaching
  3. supporting
  4. directing
Grade 9 Human Resources
A leader's willingness to take both credit and blame for his or her actions is called
  1. accountablitiy
  2. decisiveness
  3. empathy
  4. vision
Grade 9 Human Resources
People who know how to work without being told what to do are                self-starters                .
Grade 9 Human Resources
In a              supporting              leadership style, a leader shares decision making and encourages independent completion of tasks.
Grade 9 Human Resources
To identify assignments and show deadlines for tasks, teams may use a
  1. tracking schedule
  2. bar chart
  3. mission statement
  4. functional team
Grade 9 Human Resources
A team can track its progress through regular             assessment             .
Grade 9 Human Resources
In total quality management, the            customer            is defined as anyone who receives the results of your work.
Grade 9 Human Resources
The           minutes          are a written summary of the last meeting of a formal group.
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