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Twelfth Grade (Grade 12) Journalism Questions

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Grade 12 Journalism
What is the best definition of a fact?
  1. A provable statement
  2. Anything that appears in a news story
  3. The results of a poll
  4. A view shared by many people
Grade 12 Journalism
What does a copy editor do in a typical newsroom?
  1. Checks stories for consistency, grammar and style
  2. Makes archive copies of stories from yesterday's print edition
  3. Uploads a digital copy of the newspaper to the web
  4. Manages newspaper subscriptions
Grade 12 Journalism
What is soft news?
  1. Any news story that is under 200 words
  2. A web publishing platform
  3. Any news story accessible on a mobile device
  4. A light news story intended to entertain
Grade 12 Journalism
What does Op-Ed stand for?
  1. Opposite education
  2. Opportunity to edit
  3. Opinion editorial
  4. Operational edict
Grade 12 Journalism
Who oversees day-to-day operations in a typical print newsroom?
  1. Digital Editor
  2. Line Editor
  3. Managing Editor
  4. Reporter
Grade 12 Journalism
What is the purpose of a back-up quote?
  1. to support the lead immediately
  2. to reinforce the writer's opinion
  3. to make a story more authentic
  4. to lengthen a story that is too brief
Grade 12 Journalism
Grade 12 Journalism
Which of the following best describes libel?
  1. fair, neutral reporting
  2. spoken defamation of character
  3. responsible journalism
  4. written defamation of character
Grade 12 Journalism
What is an editorial topic comment?
  1. The comment where the editor includes personal information.
  2. It presents opinions or ideas about topics that are currently of special interest and have strong personal impact upon the reader.
  3. Columns that are humorous.
  4. A column that has a weak impact on the reader.
  5. A column that has no impact at all on the reader.
Grade 12 Journalism
Grade 12 Journalism CCSS: CCRA.W.2, W.11-12.2a
How might the following lead be improved? The Parent's club announced yesterday the formation of a task force to handle the school's most important problems.
  1. add specific, concrete details
  2. make the lead briefer
  3. add general information
  4. rewrite it as an astonisher lead
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