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Twelfth Grade (Grade 12) Literature Questions

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Grade 12 Literature questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Grade 12 The Alchemist
What vision did the boy have while watching the hawks in the sky?
  1. Fatima would wait for him to return.
  2. He would find his treasure.
  3. The oasis was going to be attacked.
  4. The Alchemist would take him to the pyramids.
Grade 12 The Alchemist
Which of the following is NOT true of the Elixir of Life?
  1. It cures all illnesses.
  2. It keeps the alchemist from growing old.
  3. It is the liquid part of the Master Work.
  4. It can turn metal into gold.
Grade 12 The Alchemist
Which of the following is NOT something Santiago did to attract customers to the crystal merchant's shop?
  1. build a display case
  2. clean the crystals
  3. offer free samples
  4. sell tea in the glasses
Grade 12 The Alchemist
In alchemy, what is the Soul of the World?
  1. The Master Work
  2. The Universal Language
  3. Love
  4. One's Personal Legend
Grade 12 The Alchemist
What does an oasis not allow?
  1. people who are not Arabs
  2. caravans
  3. talking to women dressed in white
  4. armies or troops
Grade 12 The Alchemist
Grade 12 The Alchemist
What agreement did the tribal chieftains make if Santiago's vision came true?
  1. a piece of gold for every enemy killed and his life
  2. freedom to continue his journey to find the treasure
  3. to become the counselor of the oasis
  4. will be told the secrets of alchemy
Grade 12 The Alchemist
Any time Santiago was about to give up, he was reminded by which of the following things the old king said EXCEPT which of the following?
  1. Follow the omens.
  2. It is written.
  3. All things are one.
  4. All the universe will conspire to help you.
Grade 12 The Alchemist
In alchemy, which of the following is able to transform metal into gold?
  1. Emerald Tablet
  2. Philosopher's Stone
  3. Elixir of Life
  4. The Master Work
Grade 12 The Alchemist
Grade 12 The Alchemist
According to the Alchemist, what is the only thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve?
  1. fear of failure
  2. not understanding the soul of the world
  3. maktub
  4. not talking to your heart
Grade 12 The Alchemist
Santiago had to turn himself into the wind in 3 days to save his life. Which of the following was a way that the universe helped him?
  1. the desert gave him sands to blot out the sun
  2. the wind blew harder and harder to stir up the sand
  3. the sun, wisest being in nature, told him to ask God
  4. all of the above
Grade 12 Laughing Boy
Laughing Boy fell in love with                    
  1. Slender Hair
  2. Jesting Squaw's Son
  3. Slim Girl
  4. Stands with Fists
Grade 12 The Alchemist
Grade 12 The Alchemist
Who shared his own dream with Santiago which ended up telling Santiago where his treasure was hidden?
  1. the gypsy woman who interpreted dreams
  2. Santiago's own heart
  3. his attacker at the pyramids
  4. the king of Salem
Grade 12 Laughing Boy
Who is Laughing Boy's father?
  1. Chief Thunderbird
  2. Killed a Navajo
  3. Yellow singer
  4. Wounded Face
Grade 12 Laughing Boy
Grade 12 Laughing Boy
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