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Tenth Grade (Grade 10) Literature Questions

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Grade 10 Literature questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Grade 10 The Great Gatsby
What is the mood of the beginning of this chapter?
  1. Hopeful and optimistic
  2. Tense and apprehensive
  3. Joyful and celebratory
  4. Playful and lighthearted
Grade 10 The Great Gatsby
What is the true nature of Gatsby's relationship with Daisy before the events of the novel?
  1. Childhood friends
  2. Distant cousins
  3. Lovers who were once engaged
  4. Business partners
Grade 10 The Great Gatsby
Gatsby's obsession with what green light across the bay symbolizes his dream of:
  1. Becoming a famous athlete
  2. Attaining financial success
  3. Rekindling his romance with Daisy
  4. Moving to a different city
Grade 10 The Great Gatsby
What is Gatsby's primary motivation for throwing extravagant parties?
  1. To make money from the entrance fees
  2. To impress the local community
  3. To reunite with his lost love, Daisy Buchanan
  4. To showcase his luxurious lifestyle
Grade 10 The Great Gatsby
Grade 10 The Great Gatsby
Gatsby's final interactions with Daisy reveal that she is unable to fully meet his:
  1. Financial expectations
  2. Emotional and romantic ideals
  3. Social and professional ambitions
  4. Physical desires and needs
Grade 10 The Great Gatsby
Gatsby's parties are known for their extravagance and opulence. What is the underlying reason for these parties?
  1. A genuine love for entertaining guests
  2. A desire to showcase his impeccable taste
  3. An attempt to create an illusion of social acceptance
  4. A charitable effort to support local causes
Grade 10 The Great Gatsby
Gatsby's tragic flaw is his unwavering belief that he can:
  1. Overcome any obstacle through sheer determination
  2. Convince Daisy to leave Tom and marry him
  3. Rewrite his past and alter the course of events
  4. Replicate a perfect moment from his past
Grade 10 The Great Gatsby
Gatsby's character embodies the theme of the illusory nature of the American Dream, emphasizing that success and happiness are often:
  1. Easily attainable with hard work and determination
  2. Unattainable due to societal limitations
  3. Best achieved through self-sacrifice and humility
  4. Elusive and unfulfilling, despite material achievements
Grade 10 The Great Gatsby
What role does Nick play in the events of the novel?
  1. He is the story's protagonist
  2. He is the primary antagonist
  3. He is the narrator and observer
  4. He is Gatsby's confidant
Grade 10 The Great Gatsby
What brings Nick Carraway to Long Island's North Shore?
  1. Pursuit of a business opportunity
  2. Desire for a luxurious lifestyle
  3. A job in the finance industry
  4. His aspiration to learn about the bond business
Grade 10 The Great Gatsby
Nick's realization about Gatsby's unattainable dreams leads him to a deeper understanding of:
  1. The corrupt nature of the American Dream
  2. The potential for true love and happiness
  3. The importance of social status and wealth
  4. The necessity of self-improvement and ambition
Grade 10 The Great Gatsby
Nick's decision to leave the East and return to the Midwest is driven by his:
  1. Desire to escape the allure of wealth and excess
  2. Commitment to pursuing a career in finance
  3. Dream of rekindling a romance with Jordan
  4. Need to mend his relationship with Tom
Grade 10 The Great Gatsby
Jordan Baker's reputation is often associated with:
  1. Her beauty and charm
  2. Her honesty and integrity
  3. Her dishonesty and carelessness
  4. Her philanthropic efforts
Grade 10 The Great Gatsby
What conclusion can be drawn about Jordan Baker's character development by the end of the novel?
  1. She remains unchanged and unaffected by the events
  2. She experiences a profound transformation and personal growth
  3. She becomes more materialistic and focused on wealth
  4. She becomes more empathetic and compassionate
Grade 10 The Great Gatsby
Which description best reflects Gatsby's social background before accumulating his wealth?
  1. Born into a wealthy family
  2. Middle-class upbringing
  3. Orphaned and impoverished
  4. Foreign aristocracy
Grade 10 The Great Gatsby
How does Gatsby introduce himself to Nick when they first meet?
  1. As a wealthy businessman
  2. As a war hero
  3. As the owner of a lavish mansion
  4. As an old friend from college
Grade 10 The Great Gatsby
Gatsby's tragic fate can be attributed, in part, to his inability to:
  1. Accept Daisy's rejection and move on
  2. Amass enough wealth to impress Daisy
  3. Find a suitable partner in his social circle
  4. Defend himself against Tom's accusations
Grade 10 The Great Gatsby
In Gatsby's pursuit of Daisy, he often overlooks her flaws and mistakes. What does this reveal about his character?
  1. His naivety and gullibility
  2. His shrewdness and cunning
  3. His tendency to judge others harshly
  4. His indifference to Daisy's actions
Grade 10 The Great Gatsby
Gatsby's mysterious smile and self-assured demeanor mask his underlying feelings of:
  1. Happiness and contentment
  2. Doubt and insecurity
  3. Guilt and remorse
  4. Indifference and apathy
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