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Tenth Grade (Grade 10) Historical Fiction Questions

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Grade 10 Historical Fiction questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Grade 10 The Great Gatsby
What is Gatsby's primary motivation for throwing extravagant parties?
  1. To make money from the entrance fees
  2. To impress the local community
  3. To reunite with his lost love, Daisy Buchanan
  4. To showcase his luxurious lifestyle
Grade 10 The Great Gatsby
Gatsby's parties are known for their extravagance and opulence. What is the underlying reason for these parties?
  1. A genuine love for entertaining guests
  2. A desire to showcase his impeccable taste
  3. An attempt to create an illusion of social acceptance
  4. A charitable effort to support local causes
Grade 10 The Great Gatsby
Gatsby's tragic flaw is his unwavering belief that he can:
  1. Overcome any obstacle through sheer determination
  2. Convince Daisy to leave Tom and marry him
  3. Rewrite his past and alter the course of events
  4. Replicate a perfect moment from his past
Grade 10 The Great Gatsby
Gatsby's relentless pursuit of Daisy is fueled by his belief that:
  1. She is his only chance for financial success
  2. She owes him a large sum of money
  3. She represents an idealized version of the past
  4. She is secretly in love with his friend, Nick
Grade 10 The Great Gatsby
What is the mood of the beginning of this chapter?
  1. Hopeful and optimistic
  2. Tense and apprehensive
  3. Joyful and celebratory
  4. Playful and lighthearted
Grade 10 The Great Gatsby
What connection does Meyer Wolfsheim have to the circumstances surrounding Gatsby's wealth?
  1. He is Gatsby's accountant
  2. He is Gatsby's business partner in illegal activities
  3. He is Gatsby's stockbroker
  4. He is Gatsby's estranged father
Grade 10 The Great Gatsby
What event foreshadows the eventual deterioration of Gatsby's dream?
  1. A sudden rainstorm that floods Gatsby's garden
  2. A car accident outside Gatsby's mansion
  3. Daisy's discomfort during the meeting
  4. Gatsby's reluctance to introduce Daisy to Nick
Grade 10 The Great Gatsby
How does Nick feel about Gatsby's death?
  1. He is deeply saddened and mourns his friend
  2. He is relieved that the drama is finally over
  3. He is angry and blames Gatsby for his own downfall
  4. He is indifferent and unaffected by the news
Grade 10 The Great Gatsby
Who attends Gatsby's funeral?
  1. Daisy Buchanan
  2. Tom Buchanan
  3. Nick Carraway
  4. No one except Nick and Gatsby's father
Grade 10 The Great Gatsby
Tom's behavior during Gatsby's funeral demonstrates his:
  1. Deep sorrow and grief
  2. Disregard and indifference
  3. Sympathy and compassion
  4. Guilt and remorse
Grade 10 The Great Gatsby
What role does Daisy play in Gatsby's aspirations and dreams?
  1. She is his primary source of motivation and ambition
  2. She is a hindrance to his goals and aspirations
  3. She is completely unaware of his dreams
  4. She actively sabotages his efforts
Grade 10 The Great Gatsby
Tom's attitudes and actions reflect the social norms and values of what era?
  1. The Roaring Twenties and Jazz Age
  2. The Victorian Era
  3. The Renaissance Period
  4. The Industrial Revolution
Grade 10 The Great Gatsby
What happens at the hotel in New York City?
  1. Daisy and Tom get into a physical fight
  2. Daisy confesses her love for Gatsby to Tom
  3. Tom punches Gatsby in a fit of rage
  4. Gatsby and Tom argue over Daisy
Grade 10 The Great Gatsby
What significance does Gatsby associate with the green light across the bay?
  1. It represents Daisy's unattainable love
  2. It symbolizes his desire for wealth and success
  3. It represents his aspiration to become a sailor
  4. It symbolizes his connection to nature and the environment
Grade 10 The Great Gatsby
What does Gatsby's gesture of showing Daisy his shirts symbolize?
  1. His desire to impress Daisy with his wealth
  2. His romantic intentions towards Daisy
  3. His materialistic and superficial nature
  4. His belief that love can be bought with luxury
Grade 10 The Great Gatsby
What does Gatsby request of Nick in regards to Daisy?
  1. To persuade Daisy to leave Tom
  2. To invite Daisy to his house for tea
  3. To help Gatsby win back Daisy's love
  4. To arrange a meeting between Gatsby and Tom
Grade 10 The Great Gatsby
Where does Gatsby move to in this chapter?
  1. A mansion in East Egg
  2. A small apartment in New York City
  3. A luxurious penthouse in West Egg
  4. Tom Buchanan's mansion
Grade 10 The Great Gatsby
How does Chapter 6 end?
  1. With Gatsby and Daisy confessing their love for each other
  2. With Tom and Daisy leaving Gatsby's mansion together
  3. With Nick's reflection on the events of the evening
  4. With Gatsby's determination to win back Daisy's heart
Grade 10 The Great Gatsby
How does Chapter 8 end?
  1. With Nick attending Gatsby's funeral
  2. With Nick leaving New York and reflecting on his experiences
  3. With Nick confronting Tom and Daisy
  4. With Nick finding out the truth about Gatsby's past
Grade 10 The Great Gatsby
Why does Gatsby's father come to visit Nick?
  1. To ask for financial support
  2. To demand answers about Gatsby's death
  3. To retrieve Gatsby's personal belongings
  4. To thank Nick for being a good friend to Gatsby
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