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Eighth Grade (Grade 8) Judaism Questions

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Grade 8 Judaism
Sukkot is a Jewish holiday that commemorates which of the following?
  1. The Exodus from Egypt
  2. The giving of the Ten Commandments
  3. The building of the First Temple
  4. The birth of Moses
Grade 8 Judaism
Which of the following is a traditional food eaten on Shavuot?
  1. Matzah balls.
  2. Latkes.
  3. Challah bread.
  4. Hamantaschen.
Grade 8 Judaism
Sukkot is followed by a separate holiday known as:
  1. Purim
  2. Hanukkah
  3. Yom Kippur
  4. Simchat Torah
Grade 8 Judaism
What is the significance of the open roof of a sukkah?
  1. It represents the unity of all nations
  2. It symbolizes humility and reliance on God
  3. It recalls the story of the Flood
  4. It points toward the sky as a sign of hope
Grade 8 Judaism
Grade 8 Judaism
Sukkot lasts for how many days?
  1. Three days
  2. Five days
  3. Seven days
  4. Ten days
Grade 8 Judaism
What is the etrog?
  1. A type of bread
  2. A type of fish
  3. A citrus fruit
  4. A type of wine
Grade 8 Judaism
The "Four Species" are an important ritual element of Sukkot. Which items are included in the Four Species?
  1. Apple, orange, banana, and grape
  2. Palm branch, myrtle branches, willow branches, and citron
  3. Fig, pomegranate, olive, and date
  4. Lemon, lime, kiwi, and pineapple
Grade 8 Judaism
Sukkot is also known as:
  1. Festival of Lights
  2. Feast of Tabernacles
  3. Day of Atonement
  4. Festival of Freedom
Grade 8 Judaism
How many days does the holiday of Shavuot last?
  1. One day.
  2. Three days.
  3. Seven days.
  4. Two days.
Grade 8 Judaism
What does the holiday of Shavuot commemorate?
  1. The giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai.
  2. The liberation of the Israelites from Egypt.
  3. The victory of the Maccabees in the Hanukkah story.
  4. The creation of the world.
Grade 8 Judaism
What is the custom regarding dairy products on Shavuot?
  1. It is customary to eat dairy foods on Shavuot.
  2. Dairy products are prohibited on Shavuot.
  3. There are no specific customs related to dairy products.
  4. Only children are allowed to consume dairy products on Shavuot.
Grade 8 Judaism
Grade 8 Judaism
What is the significance of the Book of Ruth during Shavuot?
  1. It is read as part of the holiday liturgy.
  2. It describes the story of the Exodus.
  3. It contains the laws and commandments.
  4. It serves as a guide for building a Sukkah.
Grade 8 Judaism
What is the traditional night-time study session called on Shavuot?
  1. Tikkun Olam.
  2. Simchat Torah.
  3. Havdalah.
  4. Tikkun Leil Shavuot.
Grade 8 Judaism
How do Jewish communities often decorate synagogues for Shavuot?
  1. With colorful flowers and plants.
  2. With candles and menorahs.
  3. With shofars and Torah scrolls.
  4. With honey and apples.
Grade 8 Judaism
In which Hebrew month does Shavuot occur?
  1. Kislev.
  2. Adar.
  3. Sivan.
  4. Tevet.
Grade 8 Judaism
What agricultural aspect is associated with Shavuot?
  1. Planting trees.
  2. Harvesting wheat.
  3. Lighting bonfires.
  4. Building a temporary dwelling.
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