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Little Women - Classic Literature - Questions for Tests and Worksheets - Eighth Grade (Grade 8)

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Grade 8 Little Women
When Jo says "That boy is suffering for society and fun," she means that...
  1. Laurie desperately needs friends.
  2. Laurie is not the kind of boy who enjoys having fun.
  3. she admires Laurie for his willingness to suffer loneliness.
  4. Laurie's physical condition prevents him from having a social life.
Grade 8 Little Women
The character in the story who is the most bashful is...
  1. Laurie.
  2. Jo.
  3. Laurie's grandfather.
  4. Meg.
Grade 8 Little Women
Jo shows kindness to Laurie in all of the following ways except by...
  1. straightening up his room.
  2. bringing him something to eat.
  3. reading to him.
  4. entertaining him with stories about her Aunt March.
Grade 8 Little Women
Laurie is especially lonely because...
  1. his grandfather is unkind.
  2. he does not have a mother.
  3. he does not have any brothers or sisters.
  4. all of his friends have moved away.
Grade 8 Little Women
Mr Laurence's mansion appears lonely to Jo for all of the following reasons except...
  1. there are never any children playing outside.
  2. there is no motherly face to peer from the windows.
  3. there are few visitors.
  4. the grounds are well kept.
Grade 8 Little Women
Laurie knows the girls' names because...
  1. they introduced themselves after they first moved there.
  2. his grandfather gave him the information.
  3. he went to school with them.
  4. he observed them from the window.
Grade 8 Little Women
When Jo realizes that Mr. Laurence has heard her talking about him, she...
  1. quickly runs out of the room.
  2. blushes severely.
  3. apologizes for being rude.
  4. pretends she has been talking about someone else.
Grade 8 Little Women
Which two men propose to Amy?
  1. Laurie and Mr. Brooke
  2. Frank and Fred Vaughn
  3. Ned Moffat and Laurie
  4. Laurie and Fred Vaughn
  5. Ned Moffat and Professor Bhaer
Grade 8 Little Women
What event(s) occur that prove to the sisters that idleness does not lead to happiness?
  1. Jo takes a paid job as a newspaper editor and although she works very hard, she is merry.
  2. At the picnic Kate confesses that she is not happy even though she is rich and beautiful.
  3. Marmee takes a vacation from her chores for a day and leaves the girls to run the house.
  4. None of the above.
Grade 8 Little Women
When Jo goes to visit Laurie, she brings all of the following except...
  1. affectionate greeting from her mother.
  2. Meg's copy of Ivanhoe.
  3. some of Meg's cornstarch pudding.
  4. Beth's three kittens.
Grade 8 Little Women
Mr. Laurence overhears Jo making all of the following comments about him except that...
  1. lLaurie has inherited many of his features.
  2. she is sure that she will not be afraid of him.
  3. he looks "as if he had a tremendous will of his own."
  4. he is not as handsome as her own grandfather.
Grade 8 Little Women
While in New York, what type of writing does Jo do for money?
  1. gothic novels
  2. sensationalist fiction
  3. comic operas
  4. historical fiction
Grade 8 Little Women
What treat did Amy get in trouble for trading at school?
  1. Candied Ginger
  2. Candied Limes
  3. Dried Figs
  4. Pickled Limes
  5. Pickled Lemons
Grade 8 Little Women
Grade 8 Little Women
Which of the following does NOT describe each of the March sister's burdens? (more than one answer)
  1. Beth is materialistic
  2. Jo has a temper
  3. Mary is selfish
  4. Amy is selfish
  5. Amy is spiteful
  6. Mary is vain
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