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Seventh Grade (Grade 7) New Mexico Questions

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Grade 7 New Mexico
The Camino Real was:
  1. an road planned to honor the survivors of the Bataan Death March
  2. a real road
  3. Trading road from Mexico City to Santa Fe
  4. a railroad across the southern part of New Mexico
Grade 7 New Mexico
What is the name of the oldest mission in America?
  1. San Miguel Mission
  2. Loretto Chapel
  3. St. Francis Basilica
  4. Our Lady of Guadalupe
Grade 7 New Mexico
The three vegetables grown by the ancient ones and the Pueblo indians were:
  1. squash, corn, beans
  2. squash, beans, chiles
  3. chiles, beans, corn
  4. corn, beans, chiles
Grade 7 New Mexico
Who passes the laws in the state of New Mexico?
  1. senators
  2. governor
  3. representatives
  4. Legislature
Grade 7 New Mexico
The earliest people in New Mexico were:
  1. Pueblo indians
  2. Navajo and Apache
  3. big game hunters
  4. Mogollon and Anasazi
Grade 7 New Mexico
Which are the three cultures which currently inhabit New Mexico?
  1. Hispanic,, Apache, Navajo
  2. Mogollon, Anasazi, Navajo
  3. Hispanic, Indian, Anglo
  4. Anglo, Mogollon, Hispanic
Grade 7 New Mexico
Grade 7 New Mexico
What two birds are on the seal of the State of New Mexico?
  1. Roadrunner and Bald Eagle
  2. bald eagle and golden eagle
  3. Roadrunner and Quail
  4. Golden Eagle and Bald Eagle
Grade 7 New Mexico
Who was the first governor after New Mexico became a state?
  1. William McDonald
  2. Bill Richardson
  3. Kit Carson
  4. Pat Peralta
Grade 7 New Mexico
Where did the Union prevail over the Confederacy in New Mexico during the Civil War?
  1. Pecos Valley
  2. Tularosa Basin
  3. Glorieta Pass
  4. Mesilla Valley
Grade 7 New Mexico
The Cross of the Martyrs in Santa Fe was built to honor:
  1. 18 Franciscan priests who died during the Spanish American War
  2. 21 Franciscan priests who died during the Pueblo revolt
  3. 21 Catholic priests who died of drought
  4. 18 Catholic priests who died when a church caught fire
Grade 7 New Mexico
What were the caves at Bandelier carved out of?
  1. volcanic rock
  2. Volcanic ash or tuff
  3. limestone
  4. sandstone
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