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Seventh Grade (Grade 7) Texas Questions

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Grade 7 Texas
How did the Texas constitution differ from the United States Constitution?
  1. The Texas constitution set up only two branches of government.
  2. The Texas constitution made slavery legal.
  3. The Texas constitution did not contain a Bill of Rights.
Grade 7 Texas
Which of the following was a reason for continuing violence between Native Americans and Texans?
  1. unequal compensation for services in the Mexican War
  2. remaining unpaid debts
  3. the decision to close the frontier
  4. different beliefs about land ownership
Grade 7 Texas
What happened at Washington-on-the-Brazos on March 2, 1836?
  1. The Texas Declaration of Independence was adopted by unanimous vote of the Convention.
  2. Santa Anna entered the town and routed the Texas provisional government.
  3. The Texas constitution was approved.
Grade 7 Texas
Which basic idea formed the foundation of the first state constitution?
  1. Texas should not have Mexican influence.
  2. A republic must be avoided.
  3. The people should control the government.
  4. Our constitution must be like Tennessee's.
Grade 7 Texas
Who was Texas's first secretary of state?
  1. Sam Houston
  2. David Burnet
  3. Stephen F. Austin
  4. Mirabeau Lamar
Grade 7 Texas
Who was the first governor of Texas?
  1. James Pinckney Henderson
  2. David Kaufman
  3. Sam Houston
  4. John Hemphill
Grade 7 Texas
What was the purpose of committees of correspondence in Texas?
  1. to watch the roads and give warnings of approaching troops
  2. to share political and military information
  3. to write the Texas Declaration of Independence
Grade 7 Texas
What battle is known as the Lexington of Texas?
  1. the Battle of Gonzales
  2. the Battle of the Alamo
  3. the Battle of the Anahuac
Grade 7 Texas
A person of Mexican descent living in Texas
  1. Anglo-American
  2. Colonist
  3. Tejano
  4. Settler
Grade 7 Texas
Who built forts along the Texas western frontier to protect settlers from Indian raids?
  1. the state government
  2. the settlers themselves
  3. the U.S. government
  4. the New Mexican government
Grade 7 Texas
Who won the Battle of Gonzales?
  1. Texan volunteers
  2. Mexican and Cherokee volunteers
  3. the Texas army led by Sam Houston
Grade 7 Texas
Which of the following statements is not true of the Coastal Plains region?
  1. The Coastal Plains is Texas's largest natural region.
  2. The Gulf of Mexico provides the region with a mild, moist climate.
  3. Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston are located in this region.
  4. The Edwards Aquifer is found in this region.
Grade 7 Texas
In early 1836, the provisional government of Texas                                             .
  1. cooperated to prepare to fight Santa Anna
  2. quarreled among themselves
  3. tried to secure loans from wealthy Royalists
Grade 7 Texas
The British wanted Texas to
  1. remain independent.
  2. return to Mexican hands.
  3. be annexed by the United States.
  4. become a British colony.
Grade 7 Texas
Who led the convention that wrote Texas's first state constitution?
  1. Abner Lipscomb
  2. Thomas J. Rusk
  3. José Antonio Navarro
  4. Mirabeau Lamar
Grade 7 Texas
Which region covers most of Texas?
  1. coastal plains
  2. great plains
  3. North central Plains
  4. Mountains and basins
Grade 7 Texas
What was the result of the assault on San Antonio in December 1835?
  1. Mexican troops fought their way from house to house and pushed back the Texans.
  2. General Cos surrendered and promised never to fight against the colonists again.
  3. A force of nearly 1,000 Mexican troops defeated the Texans.
Grade 7 Texas
The Black Bean episode was a direct result of
  1. Somervell's expedition
  2. the Mier expedition.
  3. the Battle of Salado Creek.
  4. the Archives War.
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