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Ninth Grade (Grade 9) Short Stories (Fiction) Questions

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Grade 9 Short Stories (Fiction) questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Grade 9 The Most Dangerous Game
Which choice describes someone who is RESOURCEFUL?
  1. works for the Department of Natural Resources
  2. deals with problems effectively
  3. is afraid of the outdoors
  4. finds the sources of rivers
Grade 9 Short Stories (Fiction)
What caused the mood of the chapter to change?
  1. a fire
  2. a scorpion
  3. a glorious pearl
  4. a wandering man
Grade 9 Short Stories (Fiction)
Grade 9 Short Stories (Fiction)
What did Kino find in the water?
  1. a large necklace
  2. a missing shoe
  3. a few small pearls
  4. the greatest pearl in the world
Grade 9 Short Stories (Fiction)
How long could Kino stay underwater?
  1. a few seconds
  2. thirty seconds
  3. one minute
  4. a couple minutes
Grade 9 Short Stories (Fiction)
They sent for the doctor. The doctor
  1. refused to come.
  2. sent his nurse instead.
  3. could not save the baby.
  4. was out of town on business.
Grade 9 Short Stories (Fiction)
What did Juana do to Coyotito?
  1. fixed him lunch
  2. wrapped him in seaweed
  3. sucked the poison out of him
  4. left him at the house of neighbor
Grade 9 Short Stories (Fiction)
At the beginning of the story, Kino heard the song of
  1. love.
  2. family.
  3. good and evil.
  4. wealth and prosperity.
Grade 9 Short Stories (Fiction)
Grade 9 Short Stories (Fiction)
What did the pearl buyers conclude about Kino's pearl?
  1. It was beautiful.
  2. It was very rare.
  3. It was much too big.
  4. It was worth a lot of money.
Grade 9 Short Stories (Fiction)
Why did the neighbors come to the house?
  1. They saw the fire.
  2. They heard the baby's screams.
  3. They wanted to see the pearl Kino found.
  4. They were invited to celebrate Kino's birthday.
Grade 9 Short Stories (Fiction)
What did Juan Tomas say about the pearl?
  1. It was big.
  2. It was worth a lot.
  3. There was a devil in it.
  4. The buyers were mistaken.
Grade 9 Short Stories (Fiction)
What did Kino and Juana decide to do?
  1. marry
  2. run away
  3. build a new house
  4. get rid of the pearl
Grade 9 Short Stories (Fiction)
What happened at the beginning of the chapter? (Choose all that apply)
  1. Kino fought with Juana.
  2. The pearl was stolen from them.
  3. Kino killed a man.
  4. Coyotito died.
  5. The doctor stopped by.
Grade 9 Short Stories (Fiction)
How did Juana feel about the pearl at the end of the chapter?
  1. She loved it.
  2. She said it was beautiful.
  3. She thought it was evil.
  4. She wished it was bigger.
Grade 9 Short Stories (Fiction)
Grade 9 Short Stories (Fiction)
Kino and Juana went to the doctor, but they
  1. could not find where he lived.
  2. did not have any money to pay him.
  3. left the baby at home with their relatives.
  4. were arrested for being in the wrong part of town.
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