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Space Exploration Questions - All Grades

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Space Exploration questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Grade 6 Space Exploration
Telescopes that bend light to make objects seem larger are                      .
  1. refracting telescopes
  2. reflecting telescopes
  3. radio telescopes
  4. spectroscopes
Grade 8 Space Exploration
Grade 9 Space Exploration
Grade 3 Space Exploration
Grade 6 Space Exploration
Space probes, unlike satellites, are able to                               .
  1. gather data
  2. travel out of the solar system
  3. go into orbit
  4. be retrieved
Grade 9 Space Exploration
What is the advantage of using space shuttle?
  1. Does not need to bring along its fuel.
  2. Does not need to bring along an oxygen supply.
  3. Saves cost in terms of fuel consumption.
  4. It is reusable.
Grade 5 Space Exploration
How have models of the solar system become better over the years?
  1. People have guessed what the solar system looks like.
  2. Technology has allowed people to study the solar system better than before.
  3. The models have not improved.
Grade 5 Space Exploration
The Italian astronomer, Galileo, was the first scientist to do what?
  1. Discover the correct shape of the planets orbits.
  2. Discover gravity and inertia.
  3. Use a telescope to to look at objects in the sky.
  4. All of the above
Grade 11 Space Exploration
Grade 9 Space Exploration
Which of the following information is not correctly matched with the satellites launched in space exploration?
  1. Sputnik I: The first man-made satellite to orbit the Earth.
  2. Luna 3: To orbit and take photographs of the Moon.
  3. Apollo: The first probe that is launched to explore Mars.
  4. Shenzhou 5: China’s first manned spacecraft that orbits around the Earth.
Grade 9 Space Exploration
This space technology was launched in 1988, which provides a platform for scientists to carry out researches in space.
  1. International Space Station (ISS)
  2. Space station Skylab
  3. Earth-observation satellites (EOS)
  4. Voyager 2
Grade 4 Space Exploration
What does the word "astronautics" mean?
  1. Flying in a plane.
  2. The science of studying the stars.
  3. The science of space flight.
  4. The science of learning about galaxies.
Grade 9 Space Exploration
Grade 5 Space Exploration
Who was Sally Ride?
  1. the first woman in space
  2. the first woman to orbit the Sun
  3. the first woman to leave the Milky Way
  4. the first woman to study astrophysics
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