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Biology Questions - All Grades

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Grade 7 Biochemical Pathways
Grade 8 Cell Structure and Function
Lysosomes in the cell work to                      .
  1. get rid of waste
  2. provide protein
  3. store all information
  4. transport materials
Grade 10 Evolution
Evolution is the                                                                       .
  1. process of maintaining homeostasis
  2. process that results in the increase of living material in an organism
  3. process of accumulating adaptations gradually over time
  4. none of the above
Grade 7 DNA, RNA, and Genetics
The twisted shape of DNA is a                .
  1. double ladder
  2. double helix
  3. nucleotide
  4. base pair
Grade 9 Biotic and Abiotic
Which of the following situations show a biotic factor operating within an ecosystem?
  1. the kind of climate in a given region
  2. carnivores that eat other animals
  3. the concentration of hydrogen gas in the air
  4. the rate of water flow in a body of water
Grade 6 Food Chains and Webs
Some beetles break down the remains of dead animals. Some mushrooms break down the remains of dead trees. These actions most benefit plants by what?
  1. returning nutrients to the soil.
  2. releasing oxygen into the air.
  3. making space for new animals.
  4. decreasing the population of herbivores.
Grade 4 Food Chains and Webs
Grade 10 Macromolecules
Grade 6 Biomes
Grade 7 Biotic and Abiotic
What are the nonliving parts of the ecosystem such as water, dirt, and air called?
  1. abiotic factors
  2. biomes
  3. biotic factors
  4. ecological factors
Grade 7 Biotic and Abiotic
What are biotic factors?
  1. Earth's weather and climate
  2. Non-living parts of an ecosystem
  3. Living organisms in an ecosystem
  4. Landforms and waterfalls
Grade 9 Evolution
According to Darwin, evolution occurs                                 .
  1. quickly
  2. because of natural selection
  3. regularly at every 5,000 years
  4. when the organism desires change
Grade 4 Communities, Populations, and Ecosystems
Grade 9 Cell Structure and Function
Mitochondria are found in                              .
  1. animal cells only
  2. plant cells only
  3. neither animal or plant cells
  4. both animal and plant cells
Grade 5 Communities, Populations, and Ecosystems
Grade 7 DNA, RNA, and Genetics
The letters "DNA" stand for                      .
  1. deoxyribonucleic acid
  2. ribonucleic acid
  3. deoxyribose sugar
  4. ribose sugar
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