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Stars Questions - All Grades

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Grade 5 Stars
Grade 1 Stars
What does a star begin as?
  1. a rock
  2. a stone
  3. a ball of gas
  4. a light
Grade 6 Stars
It is a hot ball of glowing gases. What is it?
  1. a star
  2. a galaxy
  3. a planet
  4. a universe
Grade 5 Stars
What is a constellation?
  1. a group of stars that appear to make a pattern
  2. a large, round object that orbits the Sun and doesn't have any objects orbiting in its path
  3. a group of stars that are fairly close to each other in space
Kindergarten Stars
A constellation is
  1. a planet with a moon.
  2. stars that form a picture.
  3. a ball of gas.
  4. a spaceship.
Grade 7 Stars
What color are the coolest stars?
  1. Red
  2. Blue
  3. Orange
  4. Yellow
Grade 6 Stars
Which of these options is a star?
  1. Moon
  2. Earth
  3. Sun
  4. Jupiter
  5. Mars
Grade 5 Stars
What is a nebula?
  1. large clouds of gas and dust in space that is the beginning or ending of a star
  2. a mostly spherical object that orbits past Neptune and has other objects orbiting in its path, a type of dwarf planet
  3. oval-shaped path, like a flattened circle
  4. the distance light travels in 365 days
Grade 8 Stars
Grade 9 Stars

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The process in which smaller atomic nuclei combine into large atomic nuclei is known as
  1. gravitational attraction.
  2. parallax.
  3. nuclear fusion.
  4. the Doppler effect.
Grade 1 Stars
A group of stars is called a
  1. constellation.
  2. picture.
  3. star.
  4. herd.
Grade 5 Stars
Why can we see the stars in the night sky?
  1. Stars produce their own light.
  2. Stars reflect light from the Sun.
Grade 4 Stars
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