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Eighth Grade (Grade 8) Stars Questions

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Grade 8 Stars
Grade 8 Stars
A plot of surface temperatures of stars against their absolute magnitude is called
  1. an H-R diagram.
  2. a stellar chart.
  3. a constellation map.
  4. a spectrum.
Grade 8 Stars
The process by which stars produce their energy is called
  1. internal combustion.
  2. nuclear fusion.
  3. nuclear fission.
  4. electromagnetic radiation.
Grade 8 Stars
The H-R diagram plots star
  1. absolute magnitude vs. apparent magnitude.
  2. mass vs. absolute magnitude.
  3. luminosity vs. surface temperature.
  4. surface temperature vs. mass.
Grade 8 Stars
The apparent magnitude of a star is a measure of its
  1. surface temperature and composition
  2. distance from earth
  3. brightness as it appears from the earth
  4. position on the H-R diagram
Grade 8 Stars

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The process in which smaller atomic nuclei combine into large atomic nuclei is known as
  1. gravitational attraction
  2. parallax
  3. nuclear fusion
  4. the Doppler effect
Grade 8 Stars
What is a spectroscope used for?
  1. Analyze what elements a star contains
  2. Measure the distance to star
  3. Measure a star's temperature
  4. Make distant objects appear closer.
Grade 8 Stars
A star's brightness as seen from Earth is
  1. its apparent magnitude
  2. its overall magnitude
  3. its complex magnitude
  4. its absolute magnitude
Grade 8 Stars
Characteristics used to classify stars include:
  1. distance, size, and color
  2. size, distance, and brightness
  3. color, brightness, and temperature
  4. distance, brightness, and temperature
Grade 8 Stars
Scientists use magnitude to measure how bright one object appears as compared to another. Scientists describe an object's magnitude in either of two ways. Those two ways are
  1. Adolescent Magnitude, Acceptable Magnitude
  2. Arrogant Magnitude, Attributable Magnitude
  3. Algorithmic Magnitude, Algebraic Magnitude
  4. Apparent Magnitude, Absolute Magnitude
Grade 8 Stars
Globular cluster is a
  1. Type of granola bar looks like a ball.
  2. Type of star that looks like a ball.
  3. Tight group of stars that look like a ball.
  4. Tight group of galaxies that look like a ball.
Grade 8 Stars
Which two elements are the main composition of a star?
  1. Carbon Dioxide & Nitrogen
  2. Hydrogen & Boron
  3. Nitrogen & Helium
  4. Helium & Hydrogen
Grade 8 Stars
Grade 8 Stars
What is a nebula?
  1. a large cloud of gas and dust
  2. red giant
  3. red super giant
  4. all the above
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