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Stargirl - Young Adult Literature - Questions for Tests and Worksheets - Ninth Grade (Grade 9)

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Grade 9 Stargirl
Who is Archie?
  1. A retired paleontologist who teaches students on Saturdays
  2. A teacher at MAHS
  3. Leo's father
  4. Leo's best friend
Grade 9 Stargirl
How does Archie know Stargirl?
  1. He is her father.
  2. He is her uncle.
  3. He takes her on trips with him.
  4. He helped homeschool her.
Grade 9 Stargirl
How does Stargirl continue to be unique even while being a cheerleader?
  1. She doesn't wear the uniform.
  2. She cheers for both teams.
  3. She sings during the cheers.
  4. She wears her hair in pigtails.
Grade 9 Stargirl
Why do the young people of Mica enjoy visiting Archie?
  1. He gives them free candy.
  2. He allows them to dig for bones in his backyard.
  3. He gives them great advice.
  4. He helps them with their homework.
Grade 9 Stargirl
Grade 9 Stargirl
Stargirl immediately sticks out at Mica Area High School. What is one way she expresses her individuality?
  1. She has blue hair.
  2. She wears long pioneer skirts.
  3. She has a pet raccoon.
  4. She wears her hair in a spiked mohawk.
Grade 9 Stargirl
Grade 9 Stargirl
Grade 9 Stargirl
What is Stargirl's last name?
  1. Castaway
  2. Kickaway
  3. Krataway
  4. Caraway
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