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The Censors - Realistic Fiction - Questions for Tests and Worksheets

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Grade 10 The Censors
Grade 10 The Censors
What does Juan do “without thinking twice” at the beginning of the story?
  1. write a letter
  2. become a censor
  3. turn himself in
  4. leave his country
Grade 10 The Censors
Why does Juan want to intercept the letter he mailed to Mariana?
  1. To stop her from reading the bad intentions he originally had.
  2. To stop her from her from thinking he doesn’t love her.
  3. To prevent her safety from being jeopardized.
  4. To see if the government will catch him.
Grade 10 The Censors
What change do we see in Juan’s behavior?
  1. He becomes happy with his job.
  2. He becomes obsessed with his job.
  3. He sabotages the Government while at his job.
  4. No change.
Grade 10 The Censors
Why does Juan apply for a job as censor?
  1. He has always wanted to work for the post office.
  2. He wants to catch people who are looking to harm the nation.
  3. He wants to read everyone’s mail.
  4. He wants to intercept his letter to Mariana.
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