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Fourth Grade (Grade 4) Virginia Questions

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Grade 4 Virginia
The first African American to be elected as governor of Virginia, and the first to serve as governor of a U.S. state.
  1. Jim Smith
  2. Oliver Hill
  3. John Walker
  4. Douglas Wilder
  5. Harriet Walker
Grade 4 Virginia
He is best remembered for his austere pay-as-you-go financial policies, and his opposition to racial desegregation of the public schools, advocating a policy of massive resistance that led to closure of some public school systems in Virginia between 1959 and 1964
  1. Olivar Hill
  2. William Henry
  3. John Smith
  4. Harry Byrd
  5. Doug Wilder
Grade 4 Virginia
This person was a Civil Rights Attorney from Richmond VA. He worked against racial discrimination.
  1. Doug Wilder
  2. Oliver Hill Sr.
  3. George Mason
  4. George Marshall
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