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Ninth Grade (Grade 9) WWII Questions

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Grade 9 WWII
Individual who established a Fascist state in Italy was
  1. Adolf Hitler
  2. Victor Emanuel III
  3. Benito Mussolini
  4. Hideki Tojo
Grade 9 WWII
Kristallnacht translates to
  1. The Holocaust.
  2. Night of the Broken Glass.
  3. Night of the Broken Sticks.
  4. Night of the Broken Hearts.
Grade 9 WWII
Germany surrendered on May 8, 1945 and is referred to as
  1. V-D Day.
  2. V-C Day.
  3. V-E Day.
  4. V-J Day.
Grade 9 WWII
The leader of the Soviet Union during World War II was
  1. Vladamir Lenin
  2. Josef Stalin
  3. Karl Marx
  4. Leon Trotsky
Grade 9 WWII
"Der Fuhrer" of Germany during World War II was....
  1. Kaiser Wilhelm II
  2. Otto Von Bismarck
  3. Angela Merckel
  4. Adolph Hitler
Grade 9 WWII
Why did Japan attack Pearl Harbor?
  1. The U.S. conquered Pearl Harbor from them.
  2. In hopes of destroying/neutralizing the American fleet.
  3. Pearl Harbor was where the president of the United States was stationed at.
  4. None of the above are correct.
Grade 9 WWII
Grade 9 WWII
Which of the following 'others' were killed during the Holocaust?
  1. German disabled
  2. Political Prisoners
  3. Homosexuals
  4. All of the above
Grade 9 WWII
What was Japan's intention during WWII?
  1. To defeat Germany
  2. To become a world power
  3. To obtain the most nucleur weapons
  4. To open trade with China
Grade 9 WWII
"Blitzkrieg" means what in English?
  1. Germany
  2. Army
  3. Lightening war
  4. Hitler
Grade 9 WWII
How many people were murdered during the Holocaust?
  1. 13 Million
  2. 10 Million
  3. 6 Million
  4. 3 Million
Grade 9 WWII
Which of the following defines Blitzkrieg?
  1. A play in football.
  2. A fast moving war tactic which translates to "Ligtening War".
  3. A war tactic which opposing armies build trenches.
  4. A war tactic that only uses planes to accomplish its objective.
Grade 9 WWII
Why was the Battle of Stalingrad a turning point in the war?
  1. Germany captured Russia's best army.
  2. Hilter was killed in battle.
  3. It marked the final battle of WWII.
  4. Russia captured Germany's best army.
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