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Number Types Questions - All Grades

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Grade 9 Number Types
Name all the sets to which the following number belongs: [math]sqrt16[/math]
  1. Irrational
  2. Rational only
  3. Rational & Integer
  4. Rational, Integer, Whole, & Natural
Grade 9 Number Types
Which is not a rational number?
  1. [math] 1/3 [/math]
  2. [math] 0.25 [/math]
  3. [math] 0.6666666... [/math]
  4. [math] sqrt(2) [/math]
Grade 9 Number Types
Natural Numbers are also called                   .
  1. Counting Numbers
  2. Elementary Numbers
  3. False Numbers
Grade 9 Number Types
What are integers?
  1. Positive and negative whole numbers and zero
  2. The point at which the x and y axes cross (0, 0)
  3. The line across the bottom of the graph
Grade 9 Number Types
Grade 4 Number Types CCSS: 4.NBT.A.2
Grade 9 Number Types
  1. Counting number
  2. Whole number
  3. Integer
  4. Rational
  5. Irrational
  6. Real
Grade 6 Number Types
What is an integer?
  1. A collection of numbers marked by brackets
  2. Any number in the set of positive and negative whole numbers and zero
  3. The amount obtained by adding numbers
  4. The numbers 0 through 9
Grade 9 Number Types
Integers are                    plus negative numbers.
  1. Irrational Numbers
  2. Whole Numbers
  3. Natural Numbers
Grade 4 Number Types
Grade 6 Number Types
Numbers that indicate position or order: first, second, third.
  1. real numbers
  2. primary numbers
  3. ordinal numbers
  4. irrational numbers
Grade 9 Number Types
Classify the number -7.23.
  1. Integer, rational, real
  2. Integer, irrational, real
  3. Rational, real
  4. Irrational, real
Grade 7 Number Types
Which set of numbers does not include -8?
  1. Whole numbers
  2. Integers
  3. Rational numbers
  4. Opposites of whole numbers
Grade 4 Number Types

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