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Continuing Education Carpentry Questions

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Continuing Education Types of Wall and Ceiling Finishes
Continuing Education Hand Tools
Continuing Education Power Tools
Continuing Education Architectural Features and Trim
If a molded door casing is used it needs to have a mitered corner. What else can be done to ensure a clean looking finish?
  1. Do a coped joint
  2. Install plinth block between the head and side casings
  3. Use flat stock molding
  4. Use a headless pin nailer
Continuing Education Hand Tools
Continuing Education Concrete Forming and Placing Tools
Continuing Education Concrete Forming and Placing Tools
Continuing Education Types of Drawings Used in Carpentry
When contour lines on a drawing are close together what does it tell you about the property?
  1. The property is steep
  2. The property has a gradual slope
  3. The property has good drainage
  4. The property has a lot of extra fill
Continuing Education Problem Solving
New drywall is installed on existing studs in a building. There are numerous nail pops happening one month after the installation. What is the most common cause of this?
  1. Studs should have been removed and reinstalled new ones
  2. Wrong drywall was used
  3. Wood was wet when drywall was installed
  4. Drywall was not installed tight to the studs
Continuing Education Hand Tools
The term plumb refers to the                 .
  1. horizontal plane
  2. vertical plane
  3. both
  4. none
Continuing Education Hand Tools
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