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Tenth Grade (Grade 10) Medieval Europe Questions

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Grade 10 Medieval Europe
What were the series of campaigns over control of the throne of France that lasted 116 years known as?
  1. The Supremacy War
  2. The Holy War
  3. The War to End all wars
  4. The Hundred Years' War
Grade 10 Medieval Europe
The Byzantine Empire was the?
  1. Eastern part of Rome
  2. Western part of Rome
  3. Northern part of Rome
  4. Souther part of Rome
Grade 10 Medieval Europe
Grade 10 Medieval Europe
Religious, legal and military customs of Medieval Europe
  1. Excommunication
  2. Feudalism
  3. Chivalry
  4. Sacrament
Grade 10 Medieval Europe
Grade 10 Medieval Europe
The revival of trade led to
  1. the revival of cities & towns
  2. foreign invasion
  3. spread of diseases
  4. freedom oserfs
Grade 10 Medieval Europe
United Frankish tribes in Europe and converted to Christianity
  1. Charlemagne
  2. Charles Martel
  3. Ivan the Great
  4. Clovis I
Grade 10 Medieval Europe
The Thirty Years' war was a conflict between
  1. England and Germany.
  2. France and Spain.
  3. Christians and Muslims.
  4. Catholics and Protestants.
Grade 10 Medieval Europe
Why did prejudice against Jewish people increase in the late 1000s?
  1. Western Europe had become more Christianized.
  2. Muslim rulers were intolerant.
  3. They were intolerant of others themselves.
  4. People thought that they paid no taxes.
Grade 10 Medieval Europe
Grade 10 Medieval Europe
Wrote Summa theologica which concluded that faith and reason can exist in harmony
  1. Thomas Aquinas
  2. Dante Alighieri
  3. Martin Luther
  4. Charles Martel
Grade 10 Medieval Europe
A wheel plow with a metal blade was known as a
  1. trebuchet
  2. mail
  3. bilhook
  4. carruca
Grade 10 Medieval Europe
Grade 10 Medieval Europe
The original "Holy Roman Emperor" was                .
  1. Henry VIII
  2. Julius Caesar
  3. Charlemagne
  4. Augustus
Grade 10 Medieval Europe
Grade 10 Medieval Europe

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How did the Black Death spread?
  1. Missionaries
  2. Trade
  3. Colonialism
  4. Airplanes
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