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Fifth Grade (Grade 5) Medieval Europe Questions

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Grade 5 Medieval Europe
Grade 5 Medieval Europe
What was life like for the majority of the people that lived in the Middle Ages under the feudal system?
  1. They worked hard as peasant farmers
  2. They wore fancy clothes and went to parties
  3. They were soldiers who fought invaders
  4. They hung out at the local pub
Grade 5 Medieval Europe
The Crusades were wars between the Christians and:
  1. the Greeks
  2. the Vikings
  3. the Muslims
  4. the Romans
Grade 5 Medieval Europe
What was a Manor?
  1. code of conduct for knights
  2. a large body of water
  3. a large estate or farm
  4. land owned by serfs
Grade 5 Medieval Europe
Grade 5 Medieval Europe
Grade 5 Medieval Europe
Knights followed a code of conduct called:
  1. feudalism
  2. knighthood
  3. military law
  4. chivalry
Grade 5 Medieval Europe
During the Middle Ages, what was the common home like?
  1. a big castle with lots of rooms
  2. small one or two room homes, that might have been crowded and smokey
  3. a two-story house with 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms
  4. a smelly cave
Grade 5 Medieval Europe
Why did Europeans fear the Vikings?
  1. They were protected by Norse gods
  2. They attacked quickly and stole everything.
  3. They were mean.
  4. They had diseases.
Grade 5 Medieval Europe
What helped to put an end to the Viking Age and expansion?
  1. When the Vikings converted to Christianity
  2. When the Vikings stopped making their long ships
  3. When the Vikings got tired of raiding and went home
  4. When the French defeated the Vikings at Normandy
Grade 5 Medieval Europe
Viking architecture consisted mainly of which type of house?
  1. the danehouse
  2. the shorthouse
  3. the barkhouse
  4. the longhouse
Grade 5 Medieval Europe
What is a lance?
  1. a machine used to make phone calls
  2. medieval toilet paper
  3. a sword
  4. a long wooden pole with a metal tip and hand guards
Grade 5 Medieval Europe
How did Vikings preserve meat and fish to keep it?
  1. burried it
  2. dried or smoked it
  3. put it in the freezer
Grade 5 Medieval Europe
Why did the Vikings go on raiding expeditions?
  1. Because they were bored.
  2. To fight and find treasure for their families
  3. To proove they were cool
Grade 5 Medieval Europe
At what time of year did the Vikings go on their expeditions?
  1. In the middle of winter
  2. In the summer
  3. In the springtime
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