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Seventh Grade (Grade 7) Medieval Europe Questions

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Grade 7 Medieval Europe
Europeans discovered silks and spices while
  1. exploring for ways to get to Asia
  2. fighting in The Crusades
  3. discovering the New World
  4. exploring was to get to Africa
Grade 7 Medieval Europe
What was the name of most famous church that Justinian built?
  1. The Parish
  2. The Church of Christianity
  3. The Church of Hagia Sophia
  4. The Church of Constantine
Grade 7 Medieval Europe
Grade 7 Medieval Europe
Lords relied on knights to do what?
  1. trade their goods on the market.
  2. protect the land.
  3. run their manors.
  4. work on the land.
Grade 7 Medieval Europe
What is a crusade?
  1. a journey to the Holy Land
  2. fasting for religious reasons
  3. a holy war
  4. a political war
Grade 7 Medieval Europe
Grade 7 Medieval Europe
Why was the bubonic plague known as the Black Death?
  1. Victims could only see the color black.
  2. Victims developed dark or black spots on their skin.
  3. Victims turned black after they died.
  4. Victims were wrapped in black cloths after they died.
Grade 7 Medieval Europe
The Magna Carta was signed by
  1. members of the Parliment.
  2. Pope Gregory II.
  3. King Henry III.
  4. King John.
Grade 7 Medieval Europe
Charlemagne was an important ruler because...
  1. He knew how to get rid of vikings.
  2. He united Europe and established new laws to keep order.
  3. He was also the Pope of Europe at the time.
  4. He had Roman blood so he was considered holy.
Grade 7 Medieval Europe
In Medieval Europe, the clergy were...
  1. people given priestly authority by the church.
  2. major landowners.
  3. the most advanced knights.
  4. the king's personal religious leaders.
Grade 7 Medieval Europe
The Magna Carta gave rights to who?
  1. all English citizens.
  2. the King.
  3. the nobility.
  4. the peasants.
Grade 7 Medieval Europe
Which of the following survived Rome's fall?
  1. The Christian Church.
  2. Roman books.
  3. the republic.
  4. Roman schooling.
Grade 7 Medieval Europe
Grade 7 Medieval Europe
Who led the French to victory in the 1400s?
  1. Joan of Arc.
  2. King John.
  3. King Louis XIV.
  4. the vikings.
Grade 7 Medieval Europe
The right for people not to be imprisoned unlawfully is called
  1. common laws.
  2. constitutional practice.
  3. habeas corpus.
  4. representative government.
Grade 7 Medieval Europe
The idea of a representative form of government called Parliament best describes which world of the Middle Ages?
  1. the political world.
  2. the social world.
  3. the economic world.
  4. the cultural world.
Grade 7 Medieval Europe
Emperor Henry IV had a conflict with which of the following people?
  1. Aristotle
  2. Francis of Assisi
  3. Pope Gregory VII
  4. Thomas Aquinas
Grade 7 Medieval Europe
Why was it difficult for traders to transport goods from the Middle East to Europe?
  1. They were attacks by Native Americans.
  2. Robbers and pirates tried to steal the goods.
  3. There was not a need for the goods.
  4. Vikings tried to steal the goods.
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