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Fourth Grade (Grade 4) Texas Questions

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Grade 4 Texas
In Texas state government, laws are made by the
  1. judicial branch
  2. executive branch
  3. citizens
  4. legislative branch
Grade 4 Texas
Sam Houston and Thomas J. Rusk
  1. helped write the United States Constitution
  2. served as United States senators from Texas
  3. served as Presidents of the United States
  4. started volunteer programs for immigrants
Grade 4 Texas
A duty of the Texas governor is to
  1. appoint senators to the Senate
  2. make state tax laws
  3. call out the Texas National Guard if necessary
  4. vote on bills
Grade 4 Texas
Stephen F. Austin is known as the Father of Texas. What else did he do during the Texas Fight for Independence?
  1. Agreed to let the colonists from the US move to Texas
  2. Hoped that they would help Texas grow strong
  3. Brought the first three hundred settlers from the United States to Texas
Grade 4 Texas
Grade 4 Texas
How did the American and Tejano defenders of the Alamo participate in the battle?
  1. They brought the first three hundred settlers from the US to Texas
  2. They were defeated by General Santa Ana and about 5,000 Mexican troops
  3. They let the colonists move to Texas
Grade 4 Texas
How did Texas take action to the New Mexican Law?
  1. This worried Mexican leaders
  2. The law stopped immigration to Texas from the US
  3. Families were separated from their relatives
  4. It stopped slavery
  5. All of the above
  6. None of the above
Grade 4 Texas
Grade 4 Texas
Grade 4 Texas
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