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Fourth Grade (Grade 4) Texas Questions

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Grade 4 :: Texas by Teana
How did Texas take action to the New Mexican Law?
  1. This worried Mexican leaders
  2. The law stopped immigration to Texas from the US
  3. Families were separated from their relatives
  4. It stopped slavery
  5. All of the above
  6. None of the above
Grade 4 :: Texas by falmendarez
What is the capital of texas?
  1. Austin
  2. West
Grade 4 :: Texas by Teana
How did the American and Tejano defenders of the Alamo participate in the battle?
  1. They brought the first three hundred settlers from the US to Texas
  2. They were defeated by General Santa Ana and about 5,000 Mexican troops
  3. They let the colonists move to Texas
Grade 4 :: Texas by Teana
Stephen F. Austin is known as the Father of Texas. What else did he do during the Texas Fight for Independnece?
  1. Agreed to let the colonists from the US move to Texas
  2. Hoped that they would help Texas grow strong
  3. Brought the first three hundred settlers fromt he United States to Texas
Grade 4 :: Texas by Teana
Two Cultures Meet.
Summarize the difference between the cultures of Mexican and Texas settlers.
  • In Texas all government papers were written in Spanish.
    US settlers couldn't understnad Spanish. Stephen F. Austin was bilingual. Many new settlers beleived people should be able to choose their own religion. Mexican law only allowed the Roman Catholic religion.
Grade 4 :: Texas by Teana
What did delegates at the Convention of 1832 request?
  • They wanted immigration from the US to continue and for Texas to beome a state within Mexico.
Grade 4 :: Texas by Teana
Describe why the settlers were unhappy with the Mexican government.
  • They couldn't understand laws written in Spanish. A law stopped their relatives from immigrating to Texas and forbade slavery which help them farm large areas. They had no say in the government.
Grade 4 :: Texas by Teana
Who is Sam Houston?
  • Sam Houston was a delegate at the 1833 Convention.
Grade 4 :: Texas by Teana
How do you think the Texans reacted to Mexico's efforts to control them?
  • They may have held meetings, attempted to communicate their concern to Mexico's leader, attacked Mexican military or left Texas.
Grade 4 :: Texas by Teana
What happened to the settlers during the Revolution in Texas?
  • Most settlers became unhappy with Mexican rule in Texas and decide that Texas should become an independent republic
Grade 4 :: Texas by kelebutler
Immigrants came to Texas for different reasons. What are those reasons?
  1. wealth
  2. claim land
  3. freedom
  4. all of the above
Grade 4 :: Texas by kelebutler
Among the largest Texas cities, ___________ has the most people.
  1. Dallas
  2. Austin
  3. Houston
  4. San Antonio
Grade 4 :: Texas by kelebutler
Today, there are ______ counties in Texas.
  1. 154
  2. 204
  3. 254
  4. 304
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