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US Government Questions - All Grades

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Grade 8 US Laws and Amendments
Grade 6 Judicial Branch
What is the highest court in the land?
  1. Local Court
  2. State Court
  3. Family Court
  4. Supreme Court
Grade 5 Judicial Branch
What branch of government interprets laws to ensure they are Constitutional?
  1. Executive Branch
  2. Legislative Branch
  3. Judicial Branch
  4. Congress
Grade 6 US Laws and Amendments
The first three words to the Preamble are
  1. We the Nation
  2. We We We, all the way home
  3. We the People
  4. Discover the People
Grade 7 US Government
What are the 3 Branches of US government?
  1. Legislative, Judicial, Executive
  2. Prime Minister, Courts, Congress
  3. Senate, King, Supreme Court
  4. Legislative, Governor, Mayor
Grade 3 Executive Branch
Grade 5 Legislative Branch
Why do some states have more Representatives than other states?
  1. because of the size of the state
  2. because of the amount money each state makes
  3. because of the state's population
  4. because of the amount of goods and services per state
Grade 5 Executive Branch
If the President can no longer serve, who becomes President?
  1. the Secretary of Treasury
  2. the Vice President
  3. the Secretary of Defense
  4. we hold a new election
Grade 9 Legislative Branch
Each state receives a certain number of representatives based on what?
  1. Number of voters in that state
  2. Population of the state
  3. How many representatives are elected in that state
Grade 5 Legislative Branch
Grade 6 US Laws and Amendments
What is an amendment?
  1. U.S. Diploma
  2. the right to vote
  3. a change to the United States
  4. a change to the constitution
Grade 8 Legislative Branch
Grade 7 Executive Branch
Grade 5 Legislative Branch
Grade 6 Executive Branch
Who is the leader of the State Government?
  1. President
  2. Mayor
  3. Governor
  4. Police Officer
Grade 1 Executive Branch
Grade 3 Legislative Branch
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