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US Government Questions - All Grades

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Grade 5 US Government
Which of the following does Congress not do?
  1. regulate trade and currency
  2. appoint judges
  3. make laws
  4. declare war
Grade 3 Judicial Branch
What is the job of the judicial branch?
  1. this branch can get rid of or veto laws
  2. this branch decides what laws mean and if they obey the constitution
  3. this branch makes the laws
Grade 3 Legislative Branch
What branch of government makes the laws that everyone must follow?
  1. Executive Branch
  2. Legislative Branch
  3. Judicial Branch
Grade 3 US Government
What is a responsible citizen?
  1. a person who cares about others and works for the common good
  2. a person who lives in a community
  3. a person who litters
  4. a person who pollutes the environment
Grade 6 Executive Branch
Which branch of government includes the Commander of the Military?
  1. legislative branch
  2. judicial branch
  3. executive branch
Grade 3 US Government
What are the three main levels of government?
  1. local, state, national
  2. local, state, union
  3. local, union, national
  4. national, state, and union
Grade 3 US Government
Why is it important for citizens of the United States to vote?
  1. They can help make decisions that affect the community
  2. They can live in apartments in ethnic neighborhoods
  3. They can play games and sports brought to the United States by other groups
  4. They can move from one part of the country to another in search of an opportunity
Grade 9 Legislative Branch
The main job of Congress is to:
  1. Interprate Laws
  2. Break Laws
  3. Make Laws
  4. Enforce Laws
Grade 7 US Government
Congress can override a veto with what majority of both houses?
  1. simple majority
  2. three-fourths majority
  3. two-thirds majority
  4. 100 per cent of Congress
Grade 4 US Government
A member of a country, a state, a city, or a town.
  1. Citizen
  2. Person
  3. Floridian
  4. America
Grade 8 Executive Branch
The most important task of the executive branch is to
  1. resolve disputes involving the law.
  2. enforce and carry out federal law.
  3. decide which laws are constitutional.
  4. change laws to fit changing needs.
Grade 5 Executive Branch
The head of the Executive Branch in the state is
  1. President
  2. Senator
  3. Governor
  4. Legislature
Grade 1 US Government
Grade 7 Legislative Branch
Grade 7 US Government
Which level of government exercises power under the 10th amendment?
  1. National/Federal government
  2. Local Government
  3. State Government
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