How to Find Questions on is an online resource that uses member generated content to assist teachers in building quality tests and activities with a little help from their colleagues around the country. You can create your own questions. Or you could cherry pick the best questions created by others. Or you could create a test that is a perfect combination of both!

The vast amount of resources provided by could be overwhelming, which is why this week’s post will focus on the different ways to locate the perfect questions for your upcoming assessment or activity.

Search Method #1: Browse by Category

Every question on is categorized by subject area to make your searching simple and easy. Subjects include English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. (The content on Help Teaching isn’t just for those who teach major subjects. You will also find questions categorized by the Arts, Business, Technology and many more.)

Most categories are then further divided by subcategories, which makes locating your specific topic just a few clicks away.

For example: A few months back I was giving a quiz on American expansion.  I simply clicked on “Social Studies”, then “US History”, then “The Frontier” and presto! Pages of user created questions were waiting for me.

Search Method #2: Search by Member

If in your searching you find that one particular user has created a plethora of questions that match your style and curriculum, just click on that member’s name and scroll through their content. Your academic soul mate just may have even more to offer you when you view their entire collection of questions.

For example: I wanted to change up my Economics test on supply and demand. While searching the Economics database, I came across user adriscoll24422, whose questions matched my testing philosophy and vocabulary, and the difficulty level necessary for my students.

Search Method #3: Search Box

Need a very specific question to finish that test? Don’t feel like scrolling through all of questions about the Frontier on Just type in the term you’re looking for in the Search box at the top of the page. It will return any question in the database with terms in your query.

For example: I knew there was probably a small amount of user created questions about government subsidies. Instead of searching through all of the Economics questions, I searched for the term “subsidy” and located the only question in the database about that topic.

Search Method #4: Advanced Search

Sometimes your needs are just too specific to search by a single term. Luckily, has an advanced search option that can narrow your results down even further than a typical search would. The advanced search allows you to refine results by category, grade, and/or question type.

For example: In searching for questions on “supply” for my Economics test, over 50% of the questions weren’t even about Economics! Categories ranged from Vocabulary to Zoology. By using the advanced search function, I was able to refine my search by keyword (supply), category (Social Studies), sub-category (Economics), grade (9, 10, 11, and 12), and question type (multiple choice). The results of my advanced search left me with 20 questions, all of which fit my needs. The hardest part was picking which one to use!

There are multiple ways to sort through the database of questions. Which method you use depends upon your unique situation.

Next week I’ll discuss ways you can customize your test using the Test Setup feature.

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