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Margaret walked the house as if she had just learned to walk. Each step let out a squeak and a grunt from the house's floorboards. The house itself was not foreign land. Margaret had lived in this house as a child. The once golden walls now barely held any of the sheen they once did. They looked as if they had spoiled and rotted. The nails seemed to reach out and grab at her each time she moved.

The smell was just bearable enough to get used to. Margaret searched the kitchen for even the trace scent of freshly-baked banana bread, but all she could smell was the leftover scent of a wet stray that must have used the house as shelter from the rain.

As a child, she loved this home. It had been years since Margaret had lived in this home. After her parents had passed away, she had moved from foster home to foster home trying to forget this place. Every time she thought of her mother and father, she thought of this place. It was too painful to remember, and if she couldn't remember one without the other, she didn't want to remember any of it.

After Margaret had made her first million, she had vowed to go back and buy the house just to keep it in her family?even though she was all that was left of her real family. Then, life got in the way. Money was being made. Success needed to be maintained. She had worked hard to become the CEO of The Dinoso Group, a mixed-media firm. The house became an afterthought.

It wasn't until she read in the paper that a private company was planning on buying most of the land in her old neighborhood to make a parking lot that Margaret finally made time. She bought all the land to stop them, but now, she was left with a neighborhood of run-down houses and a slew of ghosts from her past. She wanted to be rid of it all, but she thought it at least deserved a better fate than a parking lot.

As she made her way outside, she looked to the yard and remembered how green the Bermuda grass used to look when she and her father would chase each other.

Just as she was leaving, she heard the sounds of children playing stickball in the yard of the abandoned house next door. They did their best to dodge the craters, nails, and broken glass in the yard. That's when Margaret decided to turn the abandoned block into a park for the neighborhood.

She got into her car and drove away eager to get started. She watched as the house and neighborhood grew smaller in her rear-view mirror.
Grade 6 Story Elements CCSS: CCRA.R.3, RL.6.3
Which of the following describes the main conflict in the story?
  1. A woman deals with the ghosts of her past after buying her childhood home.
  2. A woman tries to stop the neighborhood children from playing in her yard.
  3. A woman deals with the death of her parents who have left her a house.
  4. A woman tries to become the CEO of a major advertising and media company.
Grade 6 Theme CCSS: CCRA.R.2, RL.6.2
Which choice best represents the theme of this passage?
  1. Things change with time
  2. Turning bad into good
  3. Having a positive influence
  4. Facing the past