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Common Core Standard L.9-10.4 Questions

Determine or clarify the meaning of unknown and multiple-meaning words and phrases based on grades 9–10 reading and content, choosing flexibly from a range of strategies.

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Grade 9 Defining Words CCSS: CCRA.L.4, L.9-10.4
  1. an institution for the care of people with physical or mental impairments
  2. having absolute authority
  3. indifference; absence of prejudice or bias
  4. to limit the inheritance of property to a specified succession of heirs; the state of being entailed
Grade 9 Root Words CCSS: CCRA.L.4, L.9-10.4
If "-dictio" mean devoted, then ADDICTION means
  1. following someone around
  2. in love
  3. state of being enslaved to a habit or practice
  4. to write a lot
Grade 9 Root Words CCSS: CCRA.L.4, L.9-10.4, L.9-10.4b
If "-bol" means throw, then HYPERBOLE means
  1. extreme in degree
  2. exaggeration; overstatement
  3. surrender
  4. occurring below the earth's surface
Grade 9 Root Words CCSS: CCRA.L.4, L.9-10.4
If the base "Meter" means measure, then PERIMETER means
  1. measurement around a figure
  2. indirect or roundabout
  3. outer edge of an area
  4. over growth of muscle
Grade 9 Root Words CCSS: CCRA.L.4, L.9-10.4
If "mon" means warn, then ADMONISH means
  1. to caution, advise, or counsel against something
  2. to make less severe; lighten
  3. to be hostile towards someone
  4. to completely destroy
Grade 9 Prefixes and Suffixes CCSS: CCRA.L.4, L.9-10.4
"My mother made me sit down and COMPOSE a long letter thanking my grandmother for the terrible sweater she bought me."
  1. logical; making sense
  2. put together in an arrangement
  3. disposed to keeping things unchanged
  4. agreement of many people

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