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Common Core Standard W.4.3a Questions

Orient the reader by establishing a situation and introducing a narrator and/or characters; organize an event sequence that unfolds naturally.

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Grade 4 Writing CCSS: CCRA.W.3, W.4.3a
Grade 3 Writing Fiction CCSS: CCRA.W.3, W.3.3a, W.4.3a, W.5.3a
What pre-writing strategy can help make sure your story stays organized?
  1. brainstorm
  2. free write
  3. storyboarding
  4. KWL chart
Grade 4 Writing CCSS: CCRA.W.3, W.4.3a, W.5.3a, W.6.3a, W.7.3a, W.8.3a
Everything was fine in our tent in the backyard until two cats started battling in the woods behind my house. The sounds they made were like screams in the night, so Darius and I scrambled for the safety of my bedroom.

After reading the paragraph, decide which of the sentences would be a good topic sentence.
  1. Even camping in the backyard can be frightening.
  2. Every year, thousands of families camp during the summer months.
  3. I have a very small backyard, barely enough room to pitch a tent.
  4. Always be sure to camp with the proper clothing and supplies.

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