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Common Core Standard HSF-LE.A.3 Questions

Observe using graphs and tables that a quantity increasing exponentially eventually exceeds a quantity increasing linearly, quadratically, or (more generally) as a polynomial function.

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Grade 11 Exponents CCSS: HSF-LE.A.3
The bank offers you two investments with very high returns. Investment A yields returns of [math]f(t)=1.8t^2+5.4t[/math] and investment B yields returns of [math]g(t)=1.081^t[/math]. Which is the better deal?
  1. Investment A is the better deal.
  2. Investment B is the better deal.
  3. Both investments yield the same return.
  4. It depends on how long the money stays invested.
Grade 11 Exponents CCSS: HSF-LE.A.3
The parents of Stephanie and Julia have told them that they will give them a monthly allowance based on a math equation. Stephanie chooses the one which says [math]f(x)= 3x+20[/math] while Julia chooses the one which says [math]g(x)= 1.75^x[/math]. Which option below best describes what will happen?
  1. Julia will always make more.
  2. Julia will make more at first, but Stephanie will make more in the end.
  3. Stephanie will always make more.
  4. Stephanie will make more at first, but Julia will make more in the end.

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