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Twelfth Grade (Grade 12) Cosmetology Questions

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Grade 12 Cosmetology
Using hair color swatches, magazines, pictures, and reflective listening helps to:
  1. avoid retribution due to damages
  2. avoid misunderstandings
  3. provide some time for the stylist to not be working
  4. increase the amount of time with the client to allow for higher prices
Grade 12 Cosmetology
What type of lotion removes dead skin cells?
  1. hand
  2. sloughing
  3. massage
  4. body
Grade 12 Cosmetology
The graduated form is sometimes referred to as a wedge cut or a
  1. bob.
  2. shag.
  3. 0 degree angle cut.
  4. 45 degree angle cut.
Grade 12 Cosmetology
Hair breakage may result from which of the following actions?
  1. pressing hair too often
  2. less pressure on the hair
  3. lower pressing comb temperature
  4. short contact time on the hair
Grade 12 Cosmetology
The level of a hair color describes the hair's:
  1. depth or intensity
  2. lightness or darkness
  3. porosity
  4. warmth or coolness
Grade 12 Cosmetology
Grade 12 Cosmetology
Grade 12 Cosmetology
Grade 12 Cosmetology
The two primary parts of hair are the fiber and the:
  1. hair strand
  2. papilla
  3. follicle
  4. hair root
Grade 12 Cosmetology
Which of the following describes the term "profile"?
  1. a view of the face from the front
  2. an outline of the face from the side
  3. an outline of the face from the back
  4. a view from the top of the head looking down
Grade 12 Cosmetology
Brushing the hair prior to a shampoo service accomplishes all of the following EXCEPT:
  1. removing tangles
  2. removing dust and dirt
  3. stimulating blood circulation
  4. decreasing blood circulation
Grade 12 Cosmetology
Grade 12 Cosmetology
Various hair loss identification systems identify which of the following:
  1. treatment options
  2. texture of the client's hair
  3. pattern and density of the hair loss
  4. hair color variations of the client's hair
Grade 12 Cosmetology
Which of the following is NOT a skill or ability a salon owner should have to ensure success?
  1. ability to maintain a budget
  2. ability to set realistic business goals
  3. recognizing skills or techniques and hiring a staff accordingly
  4. having the salon employees handle all unusual or difficult client situations
Grade 12 Cosmetology
The three major layers of the hair are the medulla, cortex and:
  1. papilla
  2. hair bulb
  3. cuticle
  4. sebaceous glands
Grade 12 Cosmetology
Which of the following types of hair is likely to tangle more easily?
  1. freshly cut hair
  2. newly layered hair
  3. newly conditioned hair
  4. chemically treated hair
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