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College Cosmetology Questions

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College Cosmetology
Thermal iron procedures are only performed on hair that has been
  1. dried.
  2. lightened.
  3. texturized.
  4. kept damp.
College Cosmetology
One of the most important experiences that a stylist provides is a
  1. facial massage
  2. shampoo
  3. color service
  4. consultation
College Cosmetology
College Cosmetology
Which of the following is the cuticle?
  1. loose and pliable overlapping skin around the nail
  2. the folds of skin on either side of the nail groove
  3. the skin under the free edge
  4. pocket-like structure that holds the nail
College Cosmetology
What is the purpose of cuticle cream?
  1. to soften the skin on the hands and feet
  2. to massage the hands and feet
  3. to soften cuticles before and during soaking
College Cosmetology
College Cosmetology
Which fingernail grows the slowest?
  1. middle fingernail
  2. ring fingernail
  3. thumb fingernail
  4. index fingernail
College Cosmetology
Please tick all the items of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that you might use in a Salon.
  1. cuticle nippers
  2. disposable aprons
  3. disposable gloves
  4. beauty uniform
  5. massage oil
  6. open toed shoes eg flip flops
  7. Barbicide
  8. disposable masks
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