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College Vocational Education Questions

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College Culinary Skills
Define ingredient.
  1. a top news story
  2. a person obsessed
  3. an item used in a recipe
  4. a vegetable with green color
College Culinary Skills
For which task is it necessary to wear gloves?
  1. handling raw foods that will be cooked
  2. handling raw foods that will not be cooked
  3. handling all types of food
  4. all of the time except not when handling raw vegetables for salad
College Culinary Skills
College Business Technology
College Culinary Skills
College Business Technology
What is strategic planning?
  1. A situation in which an organization asks for or requires employees to take time off for either no pay or reduced pay
  2. The buisness practice of sending jobs to other countries
  3. The knowledge, skills, and capabilities of individuals
  4. A statement about where the company is going and what it can become in the future
College Culinary Skills
Identify the similarity between caramelization and the Maillard reaction.
  1. both are enzymatic browning
  2. both need high temperature and high moisture
  3. both need low temperature and high moisture
  4. both are non-enzymatic browning
College Early Childhood Education
Scaffolding is a term that is used in early childhood development. Which of the following is true about scaffolding?
  1. The term relates to Vygotsky’s notion of assisted performance
  2. Vygotsky believed that only adults should assist performance
  3. Adults should avoid scaffolding and let children solve problems on their own to increase their self-esteem
  4. The term was coined by a child playing in the block corner
College Early Childhood Education
A teacher’s role includes                                    .
  1. communicating with parents
  2. observing and listening to children
  3. creating a safe environment
  4. creating curriculum
  5. All of these are correct.
College Business Technology
What is Human Resources Management?
  1. The process of managing human talent to acheive an organization's objective
  2. The act of watching people be managed
  3. The knowledge, skills, and capabilities of individuals
  4. The management or process of working with people of various degrees
College Plumbing
What wrench would be best to use on round chrome covered pipe?
  1. Crescent wrench
  2. Pipe wrench
  3. Spud wrench
  4. Strap wrench
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