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Twelfth Grade (Grade 12) Earth's Layers Questions

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Grade 12 Earth's Layers
Earth's core is made of                    .
  1. carbon and iron
  2. helium and hydrogen
  3. nickel and iron
  4. carbon and helium
Grade 12 Earth's Layers
Grade 12 Earth's Layers
Earth's layers, listed from LEAST to MOST dense, are                     .
  1. core, crust, mantle.
  2. core, mantle, crust.
  3. mantle, core, crust.
  4. crust, mantle, core.
Grade 12 Earth's Layers
The two main reasons Earth's interior is hot are Earth's natural radioactive decay and
  1. accumulated solar heat.
  2. Earth used to be much closer to the sun during the Archean.
  3. heat from Earth's original formation.
  4. none of the above
Grade 12 Earth's Layers
The core of Earth is made up of                   .
  1. ultramafic rock
  2. iron and nickel
  3. peridotite
  4. basalt and granite
Grade 12 Earth's Layers
Layers in the mantle are created by variations in strength due to which reason?
  1. increasing pressure and temperature with depth
  2. changes in the elements the mantle is composed of
  3. increase in friction with depth
  4. all of the above
Grade 12 Earth's Layers
Grade 12 Earth's Layers
Grade 12 Earth's Layers
Models of Earth's interior are largely based on                               .
  1. body wave behavior
  2. surface wave behavior
  3. magma temperature differential
  4. earthquake intensity
Grade 12 Earth's Layers
The hot springs of Iceland are created due to
  1. divergent plate boundaries.
  2. absorption of the Sun's heat on its dark rock surfaces.
  3. plutons.
  4. man-made heating units.
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