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Ninth Grade (Grade 9) Exploration Questions

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Grade 9 Exploration
Which explorer reached India in 1498?
  1. Vasco da Gama
  2. Christopher Columbus
  3. Prince Henry
  4. Marco Polo
Grade 9 Exploration
Which of the following best explained why European rulers encouraged ocean exploration?
  1. They wanted to find new trade routes
  2. They wanted to conquer new lands
  3. They wanted to spread Islam
  4. They wanted to test new navigational tools
Grade 9 Exploration
Spanish explorers traveled to Americas to find
  1. slave labor
  2. gold
  3. horses
  4. furs
Grade 9 Exploration
Spanish conquerors were called
  1. Creoles
  2. Pilgrims
  3. Conquistadors
  4. Capitalists
Grade 9 Exploration
Which explorer reached India by sailing around Africa?
  1. Columbus
  2. Marco Polo
  3. Magellan
  4. de Gama
Grade 9 Exploration
How did Prince Henry change the course of Portugal's history?
  1. Portugal became a Muslim country
  2. Portugal led the way in exploration
  3. Portugal became the first country to circumnavigate the world
  4. Portugal became a gold-rich country
Grade 9 Exploration
Motto for exploration
  1. Let's explore!!
  2. Space...the final frontier...
  3. Indiana Jones
  4. God, Glory, Gold
Grade 9 Exploration
Which country led the way in sailing innovations?
  1. Portugal
  2. Pennsylvania
  3. Spain
  4. France
Grade 9 Exploration
Who began a vast global exchange that included people, plants, technologies, and cultures?
  1. Samuel de Champlain
  2. Christopher Columbus
  3. Bartolome de las Casas
  4. Hernan Cortes
Grade 9 Exploration
Which of the following statements accurately describes the economic policy of mercantilism?
  1. It downplayed the role of government in stimulating economic growth
  2. It discouraged the establishment of overseas colonies
  3. It encouraged trade by abolishing laws that regulated trade
  4. It was based on a belief that a nation's real wealth was measured in its gold and silver
Grade 9 Exploration
How did Portugal gain control of trade in Southeast Asia?
  1. They used military force
  2. They established ties with local rulers
  3. they paid money for trading rights
  4. They agreed to share their navigational know-how with rulers of the region
Grade 9 Exploration
Which explorer conquered the Inca Indians?
  1. John Cabot
  2. Francisco Pizarro
  3. Hernando Cortes
  4. Ferdinand Magellan
Grade 9 Exploration
Which European explorer conquered the Aztec Indians?
  1. John Cabot
  2. Ferdinand Magellan
  3. Francisco Pizarro
  4. Hernando Cortes
Grade 9 Exploration
Allowed people to pool large amounts of capital needed for overseas ventures.
  1. joint stock company
  2. mercantalism
  3. tariff
  4. capitalism
Grade 9 Exploration
Who was the first explorer to realize that America was not Asia?
  1. Vasco Nunez de Balboa
  2. Ferdinand Magellan
  3. Christopher Columbus
  4. Amerigo Vespucci
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