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Ninth Grade (Grade 9) Medieval Europe Questions

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Grade 9 Medieval Europe
The Byzantine empire was conquered in A.D 1453 by ?
  1. Ottoman Turks
  2. The Persians
  3. The Mangols
  4. The Germans
Grade 9 Medieval Europe
Grade 9 Medieval Europe
Trade increased after the Crusades because Europeans were
  1. Trying to get better clothes
  2. Needed to raise taxes from trade
  3. Interested in Asian luxury goods from the Silk Road trade routes
  4. Trading more European products to pay off war debts.
Grade 9 Medieval Europe
The period of European history from 500 to 1500 A.D. is referred to as
  1. the Dark Ages
  2. Carolingian Dynasty
  3. the Middle Ages
  4. The Early Ages
Grade 9 Medieval Europe
When western European rulers sent armies to capture holy lands in the Middle East, what were these raids referred to as?
  1. the Turkish rebellion
  2. the Persian containment
  3. hot dogs are good with chili
  4. the Crusades
Grade 9 Medieval Europe
Who invaded Western Europe from the North between 800-100 A.D.?
  1. Magyars
  2. Muslims
  3. Vikings/Norsemen
  4. none of the above
Grade 9 Medieval Europe
Who was the pope who called the First Crusade?
  1. Pope Henry III
  2. Pope Anterus
  3. Pope Fabianus
  4. Pope Urban II
Grade 9 Medieval Europe
The English king who fought Saladin in the Third Crusade and reached a truce was
  1. Urban II
  2. Richard the Lion-Hearted
  3. Thomas Aquinas
  4. John Wycliffe
Grade 9 Medieval Europe
What event marked the beginning of a new era in European history?
  1. Charlemagne became a powerful ruler.
  2. The Vikings invaded Europe.
  3. The code of chivalry was developed.
  4. The decline of the Roman Empire.
Grade 9 Medieval Europe
Grade 9 Medieval Europe
what was the main job of peasants on a manor?
  1. to farm the land
  2. to keep the lord's home clean
  3. to defend the lord agains raids
  4. to train to be knights
Grade 9 Medieval Europe
Grade 9 Medieval Europe
What was the Pope's role?
  1. Head of Rome
  2. Head of England
  3. Head of Islam
  4. Head of the Roman Catholic Church
Grade 9 Medieval Europe
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